Intensive Course in Ayurveda with Monsoon Offer


In Mapusa

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Mapusa (Goa)
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CHOGM Road, Saligao, 403511

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Course programme

Intensive Course in Ayurveda with Monsoon Offer is a special course whose duration is 7 hours and it would be completed in a period of 6 weeks wherein participants enrolled in the program would be taught on different concepts related to Ayurveda. At the end of the course successful participants will be given certificate. The aim is to let the students know how to asses health and have diagnostic skills of different forms of Ayurveda, knowledge of treatments and an ability to appraise their effectiveness in maintaining the health and well being of the individual.

Theory Syllabus

* Objectives of ayurveda
* Definition of health in ayurveda
* Eight specialities of ayurveda
* Basic and primordial elements of universe and the human body
* Three humours (doshas)
* Daily routine
* Seasonal routine
* Tissues and Excretory Products - Dhatus and malas
* Taste of food - Rasas
* Introduction to Prakruti (body constitution)

Ayurvedic Beauty (Theory Syllabus)

* Definition of beauty
* Body and its appearances
* Ayurvedic approach to beauty and body maintenance
* Factors that affect beauty
* Protection of beauty
* Complexion
* Glow
* Wrinkles

Practical Syllabus

* Oil and its types
* Shiroabhyanga - Head massage
* Padabhyanga- feet massage
* Katiabhyanga - Back massage
* Ayurvedic oil massage
* Abhyanga
* Shirodhara
* Mardan
* Unmardan
* Samvahan

Ayurvedic Beauty (Practical Syllabus)

* Facial
* Home remedies for beauty problem
* Skin packs
* Manicure
* Pedicure
* Hair packs

Intensive Course in Ayurveda with Monsoon Offer

₹ 1 VAT incl.