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Inter-Networkz is a premium technology training company. A division of Covenant Network Technologies Pvt Ltd, we are an ISO certified company with world class Networking and Security labs for end to end solutions. We believe in incorporating and continuously being at the forefront of next generation technologies in the evolving spheres of IT training and Enterprise consulting with our primary focus on different technology platforms such as Cisco® and Microsoft®. We were registered on April 09 2005

Inter-Networkz’ journey has been charted with vision and integrity by a team of highly competent, talented, and determined professionals and this means that the dream of combining world class technology and quality education is not far from reality. We believe in teaching technology with a spirited intensity to win and act with sensitivity to impact the best technology aspirants.

We also believe that our mission becomes possible only through deliberate & sustained commitment to innovation. We are pleased and proud to have a team of enthusiastic and creative professionals who are ever willing to learn and teach.

Inter- networkz