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304 Prashanthiram Towers, Near Sarathi Studios Ameerpet, Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh 500038 India , 500038, Andhra Pradesh, India
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304 Prashanthiram Towers, Near Sarathi Studios Ameerpet, Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh 500038 India , 500038, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Vansight has received the standing for most excellent leadership to students who pursue advanced education from prominent universities in a foreign country. Our trainees attempts International English Language Testing System test with self-assurance as they get right information in addition to preparation. International English Language Testing System is intended to review the verbal communication capability of candidates who are looking for abroad education, pursuing higher studies and so on wherever English is the language of communication. There are a number of variables affecting the span of time over which an IELTS score remains applicable. As a universal rule it is optional that a Test Report Form (TRF), that is more than two years old ought to only be accepted as evidence of present level of ability if accompanied by proof that an applicant has vigorously maintained or tried to perk up their English language skill.Of course, International English Language Testing System is not suggested for candidates below the age of 16.It conforms to the maximum international standards of language measurement. It covers the following four language skills:


At VanSight, the most trusted name for education, we assist you provide silhouette to your thoughts in addition to visions. We obtain pride in celebrating the accomplishment we imagine with YOU as our students. IELTS is recognized by universities and employers in many countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. It is also recognized by professional bodies, immigration authorities.IELTS offers an outline of a candidate's English ability at a given time. It offers not only a suggestion of aptitude in a exacting component other than also an suggestion of general ability. This would not be probable if modules were not taken at the same time. Stakeholders necessitate a suggestion of ability at a given time. Stakeholders have expressed a first choice for full re-testing to increase an precise appraisal of a candidate's language ability. Therefore a applicant will have to re-take the full test in addition to cannot re-take a precise module. All candidates are weathered in Listening, Reading, Writing in addition to Speaking. All candidates take the identical Listening and Speaking Modules. There is an alternative of Reading in addition to Writing Modules, where a applicant can either opt for Academic or General Training component. The first three Modules- Listening, Reading and Writing- must be finished in one day. The Speaking Module might be in use, at the prudence of the test center, either seven days before or after the extra three modules.General Training is appropriate for candidates who are going to English speaking countries to complete their secondary education, to embark on work experience or training programs not at degree level, or for migration purposes to Australia, Canada in addition to New Zealand. The tests are designed to cover the full range of ability from non-user to expert user.

IELTS Test Modules


Time: in the region of 30 minutes

The listening test plays a numeral of recorded texts. These comprise a combination of monologue in addition to conversations in addition to characteristic a diversity of English accent in addition to vernacular. The footage is heard only on one occasion, in addition to candidates are given time to understand writing the questions in addition to write down their answers.

Academic Reading

Time: 60 minutes

There are three reading passages by way of tasks. Texts are in use from manuscripts, periodical, and journal furthermore newspapers, all printed for a non-specialist spectators. At least one of the texts contains a detailed argument.

Academic Writing

Time: 60 minutes

Write a explanation of at least 150 words. This is based on matter found in a diagram; slab, graph or illustration in addition to makes obvious their capacity to present information in addition to recapitulate the foremost features of the input. For the second chore, candidates write a squat paper of at least 250 words in reply to a declaration or query. They are predictable to show an capability to present a place, build an squabble in addition to talk about theoretical issues.

General Training Writing

Time: 60 minutes

The primary assignment require candidate to mark a letter of at least 150 words moreover asking for information, or amplification a situation. For the second task, candidates write a short essay of at least 250 words in response to a statement or question. They are expected to demonstrate an ability to present a situation, upright an argument in addition to talk about issues.

Time: 14 minutes

The test is a confronting each other interview. Candidates are reviewed on their use of verbal English to respond short questions, to verbalize at span on a memorable topic, in addition to also to network with the examiner.

General Training Reading

Time: 60 minutes

The texts are based on the type of material candidates would be expected to encounter on a daily basis in an English speaking country. They are taken from sources such as newspapers, advertisements, instruction manuals and books, and test the candidates' ability to understand and use information. The test includes one longer text, which is descriptive rather than argumentative.

Band-Test Results

9 Expert users

Has fully ready authority of the words: suitable, accurate in addition to flowing with absolute accepting.

8 Very good users

Has fully prepared authority of the verbal communication with only infrequent unsystematic inaccuracies in addition to in appropriacies. Mix-up may take place in untried situations. Handles multifaceted comprehensive argumentation well.

7 Good users

Has operational domination of the speech, despite the fact that with sporadic inaccuracies, in appropriacies along with misunderstandings in several situations. In general handles complex tongue well along with understands detailed reasoning.

6 Competent users

Has commonly successful domination of the language despite some inaccuracies, in appropriacies in addition to misconstructions. Can exercise along with comprehend reasonably intricate tongue, mostly in familiar situations?

5 Modest users

Has half-done authority of the language, coping with taken as a whole connotation in most situations, despite the fact that is likely to make loads of mistakes. communication in own field.

4 Limited user

Basic proficiency is restricted to common situations. Has a numerous problem in accepting and appearance. Is not able to use multipart language.

3 Extremely limited user

Conveys in addition to understands simply universal connotation in very well-known situations. Frequent breakdown in announcement crop up.

2 discontinuous users

Needs rampant improvement plus also needs to upgrade the memory skill level to be in accordance with the standards.

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