International Masters Combination Program in ANIMATION FILM PRODUCTION in MODELING, ANIMATION, COMPOSITING / EDITING with SFX for 3D Film and Real-Life / CGI Mixed-Media Film

NICC National Institute of Creative Communication
In Bangalore

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Location Bangalore
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  • Bangalore

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NICC, 30 & 31, Hennur Gardens, 5th Cross, (Near Hennur Bande), Kalyan Nagar, 560043, Karnataka, India
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Starts On request
NICC, 30 & 31, Hennur Gardens, 5th Cross, (Near Hennur Bande), Kalyan Nagar, 560043, Karnataka, India
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· Requirements

Graduation in the fields of Fine Arts, Engeenering, IT, Architecture or Design with proficient drawing skills, and NICC Entrance Exam pass (Aptitude Test, Portfolio evaluation, Interview)

Course programme

The objective of the program is to produce high-level professionals with comprehensive knowledge and skill-sets to meet the most stringent international standards in the stated fields of specialization, and to empower them for immediate absorption into the Motion Graphics industry or the increasingly important fields of 3D Illustration - both Technical and Conceptual:

1st Semester Modules (Foundation):
- Theory, History and Appreciation of Art and Film
- History and Development of CGI and Animated Film
- Applied Fine-Arts: Traditional Illustration, Sculpting, Drawing in 2D and 3D (Perspective)
- Introduction to Computer Arts and CGI Technologies
- Essentials of Digital Photography and Cinematography as applied to 3D and Mixed Composites
- Digital Image Processing and Manipulation
- Concepts of Modeling and Animation
- Introduction to software platforms and Motion Graphics tools including integrated platforms in current use for animated / mixed television and feature film worldwide

2nd Semester Modules (Modeling):
- Choices and options in modeling methods
- Approach to Inorganic Modeling
- NURBS versus Polygons
- Subdivision Modeling
- Lines - Precision Modeling and Modeling from Blueprints
- UV Mapping and Texturing
- Specialised Software for precision Mapping and Texturing
- Approach to Organic Modeling
- Human and Biped Anatomy for Modelers
- Quadruped Anatomy for Modelers
- The Anatomy of the Face (Physiognomy)
- Universal Human Emotions and their Physical Expression, Animal Expression
- Application of Anatomy, Physiognomy and Expression to animatable 3D-model creation
- Modeling Conforming Clothes and Hair

3rd Semester Modules (Rigging and Animation):
- Rigging for organic and inorganic models
- Forward and Inverse Kinematics
- Defining and Controlling Joint Functions and Target Deformation
- The 11 Classic Principles of Animation
- The Bipedal Walk Cycle and Run Cycle
- The Quadrupedal Walk Cycle
- Body Mechanics
- Character Speech and Lip-Synching
- Breakdown, Inbetweening and Refinement
- Cameras - Angles, Focal Lengths and Distances, Depth of Field, Multiple Cameras
- Lights and Lighting

4th Semester Modules (Compositing, Editing, Special Techniques, SFX, Sound):
- Modeling and Animation of Real-Life Characters
- Rendering and Compositing
- Rotoscopy as motion study
- Animatics for Preview Production - particularly for Television
- Advertising
- Approach to Real-Life and CGI Mixed-Content Motion Graphics
- Special Effects - Chroma Keying/Blue-Screening,SFX
- Requirements for Game-Character Design
- Sound-Tracks and Sound Editing for Motion Graphics
- Portfolio finalization
- Internship / Placement program

DURATION: 4 semesters

1) The student is enabled and competent to enter the higher-level job market.
2) It enables further specialized level studies abroad.
3) The International Diploma provides:
a) International acceptance.
b) The option of higher studies abroad with preferential admission at select associated institutions.
c) Skill-set and Portfolio of professional standards.
d) Immediate employability

On completion of the program, the student is nationally and internationally qualified, and ready for either higher studies abroad or direct employment by elite companies and corporate groups via Campus Placement and NICC-arranged interviews.

Additional information

Work placements: Provides Internships

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