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KODE|academy, II Floor, K R Towers, 100 Feet Ring Road, BTM Layout, Ist Stage Bangalore, 560068, Karnataka, India
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Starts On request
KODE|academy, II Floor, K R Towers, 100 Feet Ring Road, BTM Layout, Ist Stage Bangalore, 560068, Karnataka, India
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Course programme

Microsoft-DirectX is a compilation of lower level application programming interfaces (APIs) based on C.O.M. (Components Object Module) for programming multimedia application on the Windows platform.

Knowledge of something as compound as the DirectX S.D.K. can be a connecting process. This program makes use of easy metaphors and neatly drawn diagrams and pictures in order to assist the entry of applicant into the new world of DirectX-Graphics. Other main objects include:
• In-depth prologue to DirectX-Graphics
• Over 100 and more figures and diagrams
• Online-community
• Individual student blogs
These chapters and understanding of the C++ and C programming language must be known in a manner to be able to effectively complete this program and make use of the DirectX S.D.K.:
• Basics of data types: double, int, float, void, char
• Changers: short, unsigned, unsigned unsigned, signed
• Changeable declarations
• Variable scopes (global vs. local)
• Constant, stable
• Pointers & reference: the "." & "->" operator
• Arrays
• Orders of evaluation or precedence
• Types of conversions (casting) C or C++ convention
• Statements: Conditionals, iterations
• Multiple-indirection: pointers & handles
• Memory-allocation: malloc or free and new or delete
• function calls by value & by reference
• Structuring of data: (structure, union, classes)
• Enum
• chars and strings
• Pre-processor (#ifdef , #include, #define, , , etc.)
• Comment
• O.O.P. concept: encapsulations, polymorphisms, inheritances
• Name-spaces
• constructor & destructor
• Scopes resolution operators
• the "this" pointer
Importance of this program:
The institute has tested almost all main-stream Direct-X books and has got and secluded 2 general factors that plague them all. Whilst many of them do a vast job of directing the DirectX A.P.I., they are deficient in giving explanations of the whole architecture of the A.P.I. and assured aspects of the 3-D transformation pipelines.

If the candidate doesn’t contain a splendid picture of the method of the architecture of the DirectX A.P.I. works then the person may be capable to make easy test applications, but will be not capable to understand the manner to put together Direct-X into a game frame-work. They also do a deprived job of explanation on definite aspects of the transformation pipelines such as the distinction between the vision and projection transformation and method of working.

This program is made to fill up this void. It is made from the viewpoint of the thing going in the intellect of DirectX programmers as the person codes DirectX applications. This pedagogy is supplemented with unorthodox yet effectual figures that the person will not figure out in the Direct-X documentations or books. This program will serve as a foundation for knowing advanced Direct-X materials.

Right metaphors are way to understand any multifaceted piece of knowledge. This program is developed so that it is easy to follow-up yet detains complex fundamentals by use of the right analogy.
The important contents are explained as below:

* preface to Direct-X
* Window-programming
* C.O.M.
* 3-D mathematics
* Fixed function rendering pipelines
* 3D Transformation
* Vertex-buffers
* Texturing
* Blending of Alpha
* Lighting
* Font
* Depth-buffers
* View ports
* and much more... (The program is mainly polished and rationalized with novel materials)

This program is meant for 6 months from the date of registration. The rapidity of learning is reliant on the person. Preferably, person can complete the program in 12-weeks.
If the person knows C++ (see pre-requisites), have by no means made use of the DirectX S.D.K. previously and are an aspirant in real time graphics programmer then this program is most suitable.

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