Introduction to Intellectual Property Law - II

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Duration 12 Weeks
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  • Duration:
    12 Weeks

Enrol in this Programme and learn to:

• Identify and protect intellectual property such as geographical indication, trade secrets, and industrial designs;
• Understand new types of intellectual property protected under legislation on plant varieties, integrated circuits, and lay-out designs;
• Analyse the relationship between the economy and intellectual property law;
• Study the impact of international treaties such as TRIPs and organisations such as WIPO on intellectual property protection;
• Examine the various rights, remedies, and defences in relation to each of these intellectual property rights; and
• Study critically advanced issues and topics such as domain registrations, digital rights management, open source movements, and creative commons, which are relevant in the current intellectual property rights discourse.

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Intellectual Property Law
Intellectual Property Rights India
Intellectual and industrial property
Law Legal
Law Studies
Law and Commerce
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Samar Jha
Samar Jha

After graduating from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, Samar worked with the top tier law firms such as Luthra & luthra Law Offices, New Delhi and Amarchand Mangaldas Suresh A. Shroff & Co., New Delhi. At rainmaker, Samar focuses on intellectual property rights and on aviation financing-particularly aircraft leasing and financing-and writes regularly on these issues.

Course programme


Unit 1: Understanding Industrial Designs

• Examine the purpose and scope of ‘designs’ along with the subject-matter of registration under the Designs Act, 2000.

• Study the concepts of rights and infringement under the Design Act, 2000.

• Identify various kinds of designs that are prohibited under the Designs Act, 2000.

Unit 2: Understanding Confidential Information and Trade Secrets

• Examine the purpose and scope of ‘confidential information’ and ‘trade secrets’.

• Examine various case laws on breach of confidential information and the ‘springboard doctrine’.

Unit 3: Understanding Geographical Indications

• Examine the purpose and scope of ‘geographical indications’ under the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration & Protection) Act, 1999.

• Analyse various concepts of rights relating to geographical indications and the implications of infringement of geographical indications.

Unit 4: Concepts in New Indian Legislation Relating to Intellectual Property Law

• Examine the purpose and scope of ‘plant varieties’ as defined by the WIPO and under the Plant Varieties Act.

• Understand the rights covered and protection against infringement offered by Plant Varieties Act.

• Examine the purpose and scope of ‘integrated circuits’ and the protection offered under Indian intellectual property law.

• Examine the protection offered by Integrated Circuit Act to intellectual property, including subject-matter, rights, and infringement under it.

Unit 5: A Discussion on International Organisations, Treatise, and Conventions in Intellectual Property Rights

• Examine the role and working of important international organisations such as W.I.P.O. and W.T.O.

• Analyse the impact of W.I.P.O. conventions that India is a signatory to.

• Understand the impact of other important international conventions and treaties on intellectual property rights.

• Learn about the history, evolution, and working of TRIPs.

Unit 6: Understanding the Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Economic Development and Globalization

• Examine the significance of intellectual property rights in economic development.

• Analyse the relationship between intellectual property rights and human development.

Unit 7: Emerging Issues in Intellectual Property Rights - I

• Examine critically new and upcoming issues in intellectual property laws such as domain name registrations, digital rights management, and traditional knowledge.

Unit 8: Emerging Issues in Intellectual Property Rights - II

• Study emerging issues in intellectual property laws such as dilution of trade marks, evergreening of patents, and the open source movement.

Additional information

Are you a:  •  Law student eager to build a career in IP teams of law firms, in-house legal advisory teams, or IP litigation; •  Practising lawyer intent on enhancing your knowledge of, and skills necessary for practicing in, Intellectual Property Law;  •  Management or Finance student/professional keen to get a deeper understanding of the legal and practical aspects of Intellectual Property Law in commercial transactions; or •  Professional in the Design, Advertising, Architecture, Software, Pharmaceutical and other such industries intent on understanding how laws in India can help you protect your IP?   We recommend that you enrol in this Programme now.  Did you know? •  That the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame sued several journalists for naming their website “The Jewish Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”? The journalists renamed their website •  That Hyderabadi Haleem became the first non-vegetarian Indian food item to be granted geographical indication status by Indian GIS registry office in Chennai in recognition to its cultural significance? •  That the process of compilation of the New York Times Best Seller List is a trade secret? Every author in the world dreams to get into this list, the only problem is that they don’t know how books are chosen. The logic ought to be simple—the book with highest sales should technically be included—but that’s not the case.

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