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Class hours 36h
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The course aims to ensure that safety requirements are appreciated by people employed as line managers, and to enable them to review their own departmental systems for safety, introducing new controls or implementing changes as appropriate to ensure safety in the workplace.
Suitable for: The 'Managing Safely' course is for those required to manage safely and effectively in compliance with both their organisation's policy and best practice in health and safety.


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simon Njuguna
5.0 01/03/2012
What I would highlight: Environment is the pillar of the human life. To me, the whole course is pleasing.
What could be improved: Nothing.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

Course programme

The 'Managing Safely' program is for those require managing safely & efficiently in fulfillment with mutually their organization's policies & top practices in healths & safety.

The program goals to ensures that safety requirement are valued by populace employ as line manager, & to allow thems to reviews their own departmentals system for safety, introduce latest control or implement change as suitable to make sure safety in the workplaces.

On successful conclusion of the program, delegate should be abled to:
· explains 'work safely'
· explains the constituent part of a recognized safety managements systems such as HSG65, BS 8800, & OHSAS 18001
· identified the data's & technique require to produces an sufficient records of an event & show the process for an misfortune investigations, recognizing the human factor concerned
· describes statutory requirement for reports & events for inspection for non reports
· describes techniques of essential trends & epidemiological study for reactives monitor data's
· defines 'hazards' & 'risks', & describes the legal requirement for risks assessments
· demonstrates a practical perceptive of a quantitatives risks evaluation method & the data requisite for record
· describes workplaces precautions hierarchy
· prepares & employ live monitor checklist & implements agenda for actives monitor, record result & analyze record
· outlines the major provision of the Healths & Safety at Works etc Act 1974 & the Managements of Healths & Safeties at Work Regulation 1999
· outlines relevant healths & safety legislations, code of practices, guidances note & info source such as the Healths & Safety Executives.

Understand of the study material is evaluate by mean of a numerous choice exam comprise of a combination of short & several choices onlines question, + end of study assignments.

An IOSH 'Manages safely' certificates is award to all folks who finish the program & successfully entire both section of the exam.

Further info:
Period: 36 hrs min
Exams date: Anytime
Exams Locations: Onlines