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iPlus Media Solutions, Pune conducts professional training for Film & Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X, Gaming and iOS App Development.

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...What You’ll Learn Using workflows Using libraries to organize and manage events, media, and projects Applying exceptionally fast, fluid editing techniques... Learn about: Video Camera, Animation Production, Film Editing... More

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Jayprakash Parkhe
Jayprakash Parkhe
Apple Certified Trainer

An Apple Certified Trainer and Pro for Final Cut Pro 6, 7 & X. He has more than 7 years of Editing experience. He has gained a variety of experience in making cost-effective TV for broadcast, corporate video, DVD, multimedia and the Internet. He has edited various genres like short films, music videos, documentary films, animation films etc. Besides editing he has also directed documentary films, short films etc. With extensive and ongoing experience using Apple Final Studio and Adobe Creative Suite applications, Jayprakash delivers personalized and group-based training in Final Cut Pro