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Location Bangalore
Duration 4 Weeks
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  • Bangalore
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    4 Weeks

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52-53, 3rd Floor, Anam Plaza, 8th F Main, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Near ICICI Bank,, 560034, Karnataka, India
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Starts On request
52-53, 3rd Floor, Anam Plaza, 8th F Main, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Near ICICI Bank,, 560034, Karnataka, India
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Course programme

Java 2 Micro Edition program will provide a platform of programming for an extensive series of mobiles & embedded devices. This program stresses on Java API'S & tools required for the development ofJ2ME application for mobiles, computers & telephones. Covering the important language focuses for mobile programming & stresses mainly on Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) applied in the development of mobile phone applications. The program project represents delegate with significant opportunities for practical experience, creating mobile software for actual problem with an iterative development approach. The representatives build a mobile applications interface with the usage J2ME, linking through HTTP to web tier interface of Java applications. Meant For: This program is meant for Software developers who wanted to create J2ME based solution. Requirements: Representatives should have Java knowledge. Awareness with main facts of web based developments & /or client server architecturewill be a benefit but not essential. Objective: At program completion, the students should have the given main skills: Understanding J2ME environment & the essential important language syntax & API feature. Understanding J2ME architecture & position of J2ME profiles & configurations. Recognize how to incorporate J2ME client applications with server side application. Developing, building & deploying j2ME solutions Understanding issues or problems related with software development for resource constrained environments Usage of industry norms open development tools. Time length: 28 Days This program will give s profound knowledge of J2ME. The practical session will focus on teaching students Mobile based application development with usage of J2ME architecture. The time length of this program is 28 days (40 % theory & 60 % practical). Module Included Module one Specification Java environment General idea of java environment in which applications are established. This program focuses on 3 editions of java 2 platform, standard (J2SE), Enterprise (J2EE) & Micro (J2ME) & to look at how they adjust in various architectures & applications. Type of Java Virtual Machine discussed with connected issues which includes footprint & garbage collection. Module two Specification Java language features for J2ME When programming with J2ME only a subset of the Java APIs present in standard edition is there due to the specifications of J2ME configuration. This portion will provide an indication of the vital language aspects & APIs for micro development, which includes streams, I/O, collections & threads. Module three Specification J2ME Architecture Due to various devices ranges that the micro edition can be used for, a different series of variations in J2ME platform. This part has various profiles & configuration, can be used are introduced. Module four Specification Tools of J2ME development Various tools are there for the development of J2ME application & to emulate mobile devices. In this section we stresses on te Sun Wireless Toolkit & Palm OS Emulator. Module five Specification Mobile development for PDAs This part contains the APIs available for larger mobile devices such as PDAs and will discover the difference between programming with the full set of Java APIs & functioning with limited set of accessible with Connected Device Configuration (CDC) & other custom configuration. Module Six Specification Client Server Programming Mobile applications will access a client server model, which contains the details downloaded into the mobile device from server. This section will look at various aspects that a mobile application will interact with HTTP server so that it will become a mobile web client. Module Seven Specification JTWI & MIDP programming The utmost precious J2ME specification is Java Technology for Wireless Industry (JTWI) meant for programming mobile phones. IT includes (minimum) CLDC configuration, the Wireless Messaging API (WMA) & Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP). This portion includes, we given attention at MIDP & it helps for graphical user interfaces, persistence, security & connectivity & will provide some programming plans. Module Eight Specification Wireless Messaging This section includes various phases of Wireless Messaging API and how it connects to the push registry of MIDP devices. Peer to peer communication & server to client push will be explored. Module Nine Specification Method Used Everyone can take part in works at PC & can give 60% of time practices. Various sessions will focus on case study which will create mobile client with server side application; It is developed by a series of exercises. This programming is executed with the usage of software tools including mobile device emulators.

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