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Jaro Education in collaboration with a leading business school in Europe has introduced International MBA program from United Business Institute, Belgium to suit the requirements of students and working professionals wanting to pursue a global career. It gives an opportunity to aspirants who have not been able to get access to higher education abroad due to personal or professional constraints.

Advantages of studying here

How International MBA is better than normal MBA?International MBA grooms students, working managers and executives for careers of increased responsibility with focus on diversity and multicultural concerns, international relations and business strategies sensitive to international issues. •International MBA (1 year) through distance learning has 7 international subjects out of total 15 subjects whereas domestic MBA has only 2-3 international subjects. •The students and working professionals are trained to work in domestic as well as international markets whereas the latter is focused only on domestic needs. •International faculties teach few of the International subjects thereby giving a global exposure to the students and working professionals without leaving the country. All the above factors gear up students and working professionals to have better chances for international jobs and career.

Areas of specialisation

JARO Education in association with United Business Institutes, Belgium, Europe announce admissions forInternational Executive MBA (9 months)Click here>>International MBA (1 year)


JARO Education is established to develop and provide management courses/ program to students, working professionals and entrepreneurs who can bring the desired change in business organizations and implement innovations in professional practices. These programs suit the need of Indian organizations as well as MNCs. JARO Education has joined hands with UBI and other top business schools and universities in India and overseas to get you the best in Management Education. Cutting across geographical limitations, aspirants and experienced professionals from across the globe can get the best and latest in Management Education. This endeavor aims to provide quality management education at affordable prices. The management program offers specializations in areas of HR, Marketing, Finance and Retail Operations with a special focus on International subjects. The course is focused on developing students into global business managers and future CEOs and Entrepreneurs.

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