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Java Programming for Android Developers Workshop in Mumbai

Levana Technologies Android & Embedded Linux Training Institute
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Rs 3,000
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Important information

Typology Workshop
Level Advanced
Class hours 14h
Duration 2 Days
  • Workshop
  • Advanced
  • 14h
  • Duration:
    2 Days

Java Programming for Android Developers Workshop
* Module 1 Introduction to Java
* Module 2 Language Fundamentals
* Module 3 Classes and Objects
* Module 4 Inheritance
* Module 5 Encapsulation
* Module 6 Polymorphism

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· Requirements

BE,MCA, Bsc.IT. Engineers

What you'll learn on the course

Java programmers
Android Developers

Teachers and trainers (1)

Ganesh Naik
Ganesh Naik
Freelance Consultant and Corporate Trainer at Levana Technologies

Freelance Consultant & Corporate Trainer in Embedded Android, Embedded Linux, Device Drivers, Unix System Programming and Embedded C++/C Programming Specialties: Corporate Training & Consultancy in following Android Device Driver Development and Embedded Android Android Application Development Embedded Linux & Device Drivers Development

Course programme

Java Programming for Android Developers Workshop in Mumbai
Course Duration : Two Days (10 am to 5 pm)
Course Fees : INR 3,000/-
Levana Technologies conducts following workshops for Android Training---------------------------------------------------------------------1. Java Programming for Android Development - Two full days2. Android Application Development - Basic - Two full days3. Android Application Development - Advanced - Two full days4. Embedded Android & Android Internals - Two full days5. Android Testing - One full day
Java Programming for Android Developers Workshop

Java Programming for Android Developers Workshop================================================
* Module 1 Introduction to Java - Brief History of Java - The Java Technology Platform - Installing the JDK - Installing and Configuring Eclipse * Module 2 Language Fundamentals - Java Source File Structure - The ‘main( )’ Method - Expressions and Statements - Java Keywords - Variables : Initialization, Scope, - Data Types - Primitive Data Types - Variable Assignment - Type Conversion - Primitive Casting Flow - Implicit Casting, Explicit Casting, Reference Casting - Java Operators - Flow Control : If-Else, Switch-Case, For Loop, While Loop, Do-While Loop - Arrays: Manipulation, Multi-Dimensional Arrays. - Methods: Declaration, Calling Methods. - Parameter Passing * Module 3 Classes and Objects - Overview of Object-Oriented Programming - Classes vs. Instances - Garbage Collection - Custom Classes - Package Structure and the Class Path - Importing Classes - Concept of a ‘Constructor' and ‘Finalizer' - Attributes and Behavior - Member Modifiers - Static Attributes and Methods - Static Code Blocks * Module 4 Inheritance - Define inheritance - Describe the 'is-a' relationship - Explain how to use the 'extends' keyword to define an inheritance relationship - Identify the effects of access modifiers in an inheritance relationship - Explain how to override inherited methods - Define abstract classes and their use - Define interfaces and their use - Discuss up-casting / down-casting references - Discuss virtual method invocation in Java * Module 5 Encapsulation - Defining Encapsulation - Access Control, Access Modifier - ‘Setter & Getter’ Methods - Inheritance and Encapsulation - Composition vs. Inheritance * Module 6 Polymorphism - Introduction to Polymorphism - Method Overloading - Method Overriding - Method Overloading Vs. Overriding

Advantages of Levana Technologies==================================================================== * 100% Practical Oriented Workshops * Industry Experienced Faculty * Value for Money, Choose Modules of Your Choice * Technical Support Even After Training
Assistance in lodging for outstation candidates will be provided.
Other Fast Track Training Workshops conducted by Levana Technologies====================================================================* Integrated Linux Internals and Advanced Programming Training Workshop* Embedded Linux and Device Driver Progarmming Training Workshop* Unix / Linux Shell Scripting with sed and awk Training Workshop

Contact:PratikContact Nos. : 9869210326, 9320224606
Address: Levana Technologies, C6 -14-2:3 , Bldg. No. 14, 2nd floor,CIDCO Colony, Sector 18, Between Abhyudaya bank & Bhatia School,above Pragati Computers, New Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410206, India
Website: http://www.levanatech.comEmail:
At convenient travelling distance from Mumbai Central & Pune City.

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* 100% Practical Oriented Workshops  * Industry Experienced Faculty  * Value for Money, Choose Modules of Your Choice  * Technical Support Even After Training

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