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In 1997 an NRI Mr Raj K Salgam observed a growing need for a specialized Java training institute and this led to the founding of JavaPoint Inc. JavaPoint Computers Pvt. Ltd. is an associate of JavaPoint Inc.

Mr. Salgam has a vast experience working with many large customers including AT&T, Panasonic, Merck & Co, Chase-Mellon, Citicorp, NationsBank (NCNB/Sovereign), Prudential and American Express. Mr. Salgam also developed key partnerships with major vendors such as Lucent Technologies, AT&T Solutions and Brite Voice Systems in the areas of call centers. Mr. Salgam product managed the NetWatch SNMP product for Lucent IVR platform and successfully implemented network management strategy for several major Lucent customers. The partnership with Lucent has given him widespread recognition in the call center arena and he is well recognized by the Lucent Partners in the call center business.

Mr. Salgam has played a key role in the growth of Db-Tech, Inc. (renamed as WebSci Technologies) and closely involved with all aspects of professional services, marketing and sales for this organization.

We are in the business of change, managing complexity with an unparalleled insight, looking beyond the horizon of IT with resources focused on solutions.

JavaPoint, a professionally managed organization, providing solutions and training in emerging Internet technologies like (Java-J2EE).

We pioneered IT education and software development in India since 1995. Over 6 years with expertise i