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JewelCAD / CAM : 3D Jewelery Desgining/Manufacturing Software

JewelCAD/CAM is the most popular 3D Jewelery Designing Software, designed specifically for the Jewellery Industry, with a non technical interface which Jewellers, designers and modelmakers, find easy to learn and use. JewelCad is already improving business in retail shops by enabling client participation in designing their own one off commissions.

Advantage of JewelCAD over any other 3D Jewelry Software (Rhino's, Matirx, Idea's)

JewelCAD is 100% GUI (Graphic user interface) compared to the other 3D CAD/ CAM softwares which are command driven. The user has to remember the commands in order to create a drawing.
For example if you want to draw a circle, 17.5MM in JewelCAD, we simply click on the circle tool and give the dimension. Where as in any other CAD/CAM software we would need to know the command for circle ( circle, followed by the dimension)

Only basic knowledge in computers will be sufficient to master the software in several weeks.
Even if a student does not know much about Jewelery Designing, they can study JewelCAD, easily. The easy to use option's n the software make it possible for any user to get used to the software.
The technical details about designing jewellery which a student needs to know is covered in detail during the course

Non engineering approach: Students do not need to have an engineering knowledge to study this course compared to Rhino's, Ideas & Matrix

Very simple graphic user interface and intuitive functions.

The JewelCAD Software

JewelCAD is a 3D free-form surface based solid modeler. It provides powerful free-form modeling tools that allow freedom in creating artistic and stylish designs. These tools are flexible and intuitive and they can be easily learned and used.

Special features of the JewelCAD Software

JewelCAD enables you to -
View the item in photo realistic rendering from any viewpoint
Check the weight at the click of an icon
Easily produce a range of products from one design
Automatically convert your design to a master pattern by either 'Rapid Modelling' or CNC machining

Non-engineering approach for easy learning and fast operation

Only basic knowledge in computers will be sufficient to master the software in several weeks.
Abundant movie-like demonstrations for learning various skills and techniques in building models.
Very simple graphic user interface and intuitive functions.

The most popular CAD/CAM software for the Jewelery industry world

Global distribution network to cover most Jewelry manufacturing countries and regions .
By the Q3 of 2007, about 11880 licenses are being deployed in Jewelry & Gold industries, Educational Institutions, Universities, Service Bureaus and Design Studios around the world.
Books of Jewelry designs with photo quality images generated by JewelCAD are being published and distributed.

Powerful modeling functions for complicated designs

Flexible and advanced modeling functions to create and modify curves and surfaces
pecial functions for designing necklaces, twisting surfaces and stone settings
Simple and easy function for free-form surface cutting and subtracting

Built-in design components library for expediting design process

One of the major advantages of studying JewelCAD is the inbuilt database which consist of Rings, Comples Rings, Plates etc. All these jewellery pieces have been created in JewelCAD.
Ability to generate new designs by extracting parts or components from finished designs.
Scalability for user library

Single integrated solution for Design, Photo-realistic rendering, CNC machining and Rapid Prototyping output for manufacturing

Allow 3-Dimensional viewing and manipulation of models
Fast and easy to output high quality photo-realistic color images
Calculate the weight and count the number of stones of a design piece
Output standard GM-code, Roland MDX code and slicing STL data for CNC 3-axis and rotary axis machining
Are often used as the Rapid Prototyping output for JewelCAD SLC data)


If you are a Jewelry Manufacturer, designer, retailer, or enthusiast, JewelCAD has the power and tools for you to create and sell jewelry faster than ever before.
Create 3D Jewellery (Rings, Chain, Pendants, Sets etc.)
Create scaleable Gems, stones with different colours.

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