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Jewelry Semester Course

Accademia Riaci - Florence (Italy)
In Florence ()

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Typology Course
Duration 1 Quarter
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  • Duration:
    1 Quarter

Art History. Color Theory. Three Dimentional Design. Foundation Drawing and Painting. Introduction to Art. Gemology. Jewelry Making. Stone Setting. Incisione. Jewelry Design. Jewelry Drawing. Fine Jewelry Portfolio.
Suitable for: All who are interested in learning jewelry making and design in Florence and Florentine style techniques.


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Course programme

Learn jewelry making in the heart of Italy, florence - a world's gold craft capital.

Taught in Italian or with English interpreter

As Jewelry major, you will learn how self-exploration and self-expression translate into three-dimensional form to create unique objects for adornment and use. The major encompasses both wearable and non-wearable forms of expression. Projects fall into conventional formats such as brooches and earrings, and experimental forms, and address issues of function, design and concept. You will master a variety of techniques for making jewelry including cutting, forming, joining, casting and finishing. You will not be limited to metal and other traditional materials, but will be able to incorporate items such as beads, plastics, glass and found objects into your work. You will be challenged with more advanced techniques while exploring self-directed projects aimed at discovering your personal content. Also, you will be able to learn Incisione, which is traditionally, advanced technique in Italian Jewelry. Your body of work will evolve from your own ideas and research, shaped by your exploration of design philosophies. You will also be introduced to business practices.

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