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Sen Electrical Design System Course and Training."

SEN Design institute would like to invite Electrical Design Course & Training which conduct by Well Industrial Experience Faculty with International standards. The brief syallabus is given here. This is one part of the syllabus:

** Provide Daily classes
** Offer Week end classes for Working Professionals.
* Design Essential & Non essential Feeder circuit
* Lighting Design
* Equipment Layout
* Switchgear Protection calculation
* Earthing and SubStation Earthing
* Cable sizing
* Calculate the Short Circuit Rating
* Calculate the Voltage Drop
* Transformer sizing calculation
* Generator sizing calculation
* Switch sizing calculation
* Busbar sizing calculation
* Selecting Feeder conductor raceway sizes.
* Calculating basic elements of Grounding system
* Major components of Protection system.
* Battery Sizing.
* Single Line Diagram (SLD)
* Power Factor Correction.
This training program creates immense opportunities for graduates in the fast growing engineering companies such as Industries,Power Plants,Oil & Gas,buildings,Airports etc.

please make a call to get a detailed syallabus.

contact: 8012247624,9551020535.

Pls find the details in www.seneds.com