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Established in 1996, KIC is one of the leading institutes that provide coaching for GRE GMAT SAT and TOEFL. Our GRE GMAT SAT classes in Mumbai have helped numerous students produce exceptional scores(Our test prep for GRE has resulted in a 1600 / 1600 GRE score). KIC also provides counselling for admission to US colleges and universities for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies.The counselling program includes course and university selection, application preparation, application for financial aid, visa counselling and a pre-departure program.Our Mission"For those who give us an opportunity to serve them, we provide an experience that is truly fulfilling. For our students and their parents we generate value that leaves them with a feeling of joy and contentment"A dedicated teacher and counsellor, Prof. Ganesh Kohli has done extensive research on US education and has traveled extensively across the United States. He has been invited for honorary lectures on education abroad by numerous institutions across India. Prof. Kohli's in depth and expansive knowledge on US education has helped his students from across India, particularly Mumbai, get admission into top US universities. Some of the universities that our students have studied / are studying, include University of Chicago, Cornell University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Purdue University, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), Northwestern University (Kellogg

KIC Educational Mentors