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Knowledge Must assists students, professionals, and organisations to successfully cross cultural boundaries, mainly between East Asia, South Asia, and the Western world. The organisation has five divisions: Career Must, Language Must, Training Must, Travel Must, and Culture Must. Starting with career counselling, they provide study and work experience, language immersion, culture-specific and process-oriented training, individualised travel arrangements, and intercultural events, in order to fully equip people to work more effectively across a multitude of cultures.

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Knowledge Must
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Career Must

Ming Xu
5.0 16/09/2010
What I would highlight: I came to know about Career Must from a friend of mine who recommended trying them out, because I had already spent a whole month searching for an internship opportunity without success. After contacting them, within days I received 4 offerings and also some general advice about my CV and Letter of Motivation. After another week I had found just the right thing for me, and I have to say that asking Career Must for help was really a good idea, because it saved me a lot of time and they got me exactly the internship I was looking for.
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Education abroad has been practiced, albeit in tiny numbers, for thousands of years. Due to the inherent potential of learning from other cultures, many people educated abroad became famous in their native communities. As carriers of unique knowledge between different cultures a few individuals played a key role in history resulting in the integration of human societies, transfer of technology and wisdom as well as a unique cultural synthesis.

Few of these individuals became as famous as the Chinese Buddhist monk Xuanzang, who in the seventh century CE spent seventeen years on his overland journey from his native China to India, where he studied at many famous monasteries, or the Indian monk Bodhidharma who went to China to instil his teachings and thus laid the foundation for the Zen (Chan) school of Buddhism. Both had a seminal influence on world history and cultural exchange. Over time, overseas study became increasingly common, especially following World War II. The revolutions in transport, information, and communication technologies then multiplied opportunities for cultural exchange.

In the wake of increasingly intense exchange across cultural boundaries and the corresponding rise in demand for comprehensive intercultural solutions, a group of Canadian, Chinese, German, and Indian professionals came together to form a unique platform for assisting others in their intercultural endeavours. We, the founders of Knowledge Must, wanted to create something meaningful for the diverse communities that we come from and that we have made our own since.

Our own curiosity about foreign cultures, combined with our affinity for international travel, has led us around the globe and changed the way we understand the world and our place in it. At Knowledge Must we have a deep connection with the cultural diversity of our planet. We established our company to deepen this connection, and return the kindness and generosity that has so touched our lives.

Advantages of studying here

Knowledge Must with its five divisions Career Must, Language Must, Training Must, Travel Must and Culture Must, covering the various aspects of cultural exchange, cultural immersion and intercultural education, offers a wide variety of value-added intercultural services to meet each client’s specific objectives. Complex challenges require intelligent and comprehensive solutions. Whether you are going abroad to pursue an international career, training your staff to work effectively across cultures, or looking to market your products to multi-cultural communities, Knowledge Must develops effective solutions for you.

In the wake of accelerating globalising forces, especially the explosion in global trade as well as the revolutions in information and communications technologies (e.g. Internet) and transportation (e.g. affordable flight tickets), the need for intercultural services is increasing exponentially. In today's world cultural diversity is a constant, whether you are active in your neighbourhood or covering the whole planet. People we interact with daily all come from culturally diverse backgrounds whether you visit your local vendors or travel the world for business. With diverse cultures increasingly integrated in global streams, opportunities are developing at breath-taking pace.

Against this backdrop, we at Knowledge Must have developed a five-level approach, with each of our five divisions addressing a unique set of challenges. Each approach relates to cultural literacy in a different way. Find the right solutions for your needs from our five divisions at Knowledge Must: Career Must, Language Must, Training Must, Travel Must, and Culture Must. Or find out how our comprehensive Integrated Solutions successfully combine aspects of each.

Knowledge Must focuses exclusively on issues that concern crossing cultural boundaries. At Knowledge Must we enable and empower individuals and organisations to work effectively across cultures. We qualify and link students, professionals, executives and decision makers, NGOs, governmental bodies and businesses, providing support as they cross their cultural boundaries. With our bases in India’s capital city New Delhi, Germany's Berlin, and, soon, in China, we specialise in customising intercultural solutions for our diverse clients.

Areas of specialisation

Career Must assists you to build an international career and provides you with the best in intercultural Human Resources solutions. Whether you want to volunteer, do an internship, study or work abroad, we find you the perfect match. Unlock Your Potential!

Language Must offers a range of language courses. Whether you would like to study Hindustani/Hindi/Urdu, Chinese, or German, we provide you with a way to effectively communicate with people from other cultures. Express Yourself!

Training Must conducts a range of flexible and effective intercultural trainings that are both practice-oriented and tailored to each specific cultural challenge. We instil in you the ability to interact effectively across cultural boundaries. Develop Your Skills!

Travel Must delivers the most outstanding intercultural travel experiences. We individualise your travel experiences to give you the adventure of a lifetime while you become immersed in distant cultures and communities. Broaden Your Horizons!

Culture Must makes you experience the arts and beyond. We will share with you the best that human creativity and intellect has brought about, such as with our Sound Tamasha series where music traditions converge. Embrace Diversity!

Combining the expertise of our five divisions Career Must, Language Must, Training Must, Travel Must, and Culture Must into Integrated Solutions, we deliver truly comprehensive services for you to experience a new professional and private environment. Leveraging HR solutions, professional experience, language and cultural training, travel, and intercultural events, our Integrated Solutions provide the most effective way to your cultural fluency.