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The history of Krishnath College is a part of the history of the Western Education in Bengal and in a wider sense, forms a chapter in the history of social and cultural progress of undivided Bengal since the 19th and 20th centuries.

From the very day of its foundation (1st November, 1853) this college had been associated with some remarkable men and women. Maha Rani Swarnamoyee of Cossimbazar, Her Highness Amirunnessa Begum and Najibunnessa Begum of Nawab family, Pratap Ch. Singh of Kandi, Pulin Behari Sen, Dr. Ramdas Sen, Raja Mahesh Narayan Roy, Pandit Madan Mohan Tarkalankar, the great linguist F.J.V. Seddon are the few among others. And finally, Raja Krishnath Roy of Cossimbazar, was an outstanding personality of his age. His brief career was compact with bold ideas and visions. His dream was partially fulfilled with the foundation of Berhampore College in 1853, and was rechristened as Krishnath College in 1902 by his nephew Maha Raja Manindra Chandra Nandy another stalwart of his time.

Throughout its existence of more than one and a half century, it has been spreading light of education to this remote part of Bengal. But with the passage of time, the socioeconomic condition has undergone a great change along with the perspective. In consideration of the changing scenario of higher education, The authorities in recent times try to introduce new courses which many pave the way for the job markets. again the lack of funds seems to be the primary obs

Krishnath College