Law of Contracts

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Typology Workshop
Level Intermediate
Methodology Online
Duration 12 Weeks
  • Workshop
  • Intermediate
  • Online
  • Duration:
    12 Weeks

Enrol in this Programme now and learn to:

• Create legally valid and binding contracts;
• Use contractual terms and conditions effectively to protect your interests;
• Enforce performance of contracts, wherever possible; and
• Secure effective remedies for any breach of contract.


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Contract Dispute
Contracts and deeds
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Law Rights
Law Studies
Law and Commerce
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Suhasini Rao Kashyap
Suhasini Rao Kashyap

Suhasini graduated from ILS Law College, Pune and started her career with litigation at the High Court of Rajasthan in Jaipur. Her strengths in civil litigation were further honed in Delhi, where she was associated with a law firm from its initial days. She then moved to the corporate space,where she handled global legal compliance and employee regulations for an IT MNC. To complement the Diploma in European Union Laws that she holds from the University of Athens, Suhasini then went on to earn an LLM from the United Nations Inter-regional Criminal and Justice Research Institute,Italy

Course programme


Unit 1: Introduction to Law of Contracts

• Gain a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts that are the cornerstone of contracts.

• Study some unique features of contract law such as express and implied contracts.

• Explore ‘express’ and ‘implied’ conditions in contracts.

Unit 2: Capacity, Consent and Consideration

• Study the three essentials of a valid contract – capacity to contract, valid consent, and the consideration involved.

• Explore the provisions that govern contracts with minors, the concept of consensus ad idem, and valid consideration.

Unit 3: Offer, Acceptance and Rejection of Offer

• Learn about the formation of contracts.

• Explore the making of a valid offer, the revocation and acceptance of offer, the rejection of offer and the valid acceptance and revocation of acceptance.

Unit 4: Vitiating Factors: Mistake, Coercion, Undue Influence, Fraud and Misrepresentation

• Analyse the provisions in the law relating to mistake, coercion, undue influence, fraud and misrepresentation on contractual agreements.

• Understand how these concepts work in real-world scenarios.

Unit 5: Understanding Void, Voidable and Contingent Contracts

• Distinguish between void and voidable contracts.

• Identify contracts that are not permitted under Indian law.

• Distinguish between contingent contracts and wagering contracts.

Unit 6: Discharging the Contract: Performance, Impossibility and Frustration

• Explore how the law deals with situations that hinder the fulfillment of contractual obligations, such as the impossibility of performance and the frustration of the essence of a contract.

Unit 7: Breach of Contract

• Examine the various instances of breach and their effect on the contract.

• Explore the differences between anticipatory breach of contract and the actual breach of contract, the consequences of each of these occurrences and the options available on the occurrences of such situations.

Unit 8: Remedies for Breach: Compensation and Specific Relief

• Identify the remedies under law for breach of contract.

• Understand the specific remedies special to the law of contract, such as specific performance, injunctions and the award of damages.

Additional information

Welcome to the Fundamental Programme on the Law of Contracts!   A working knowledge of contract law is essential for a career in the corporate world. It forms the very basis of every commercial transaction. In short, if you don’t know contract law well, you can never be a successful lawyer or business professional.  Are you a:  •  Law student eager to go beyond the theory of Contract Law to learn to use contractual principles in practice; •  Legal professional keen to go back to the basics of Contract Law to understand how it works in practice; •  Management or Finance student/professional intent on learning how Contract Law impacts transactions and deals you expect to work on; or •  Somebody who hopes to learn how Contract Law works in the real world.    We recommend that you enrol in this Programme now. We also recommend that you enrol in the Drafting and Reviewing Commercial Contracts Programme as well, to get a deeper understanding of the application of contract law in real-world commercial transactions. Do also enrol in the Legal Writing andIntroduction to Drafting Programmes to understand the process, rules, techniques and established practices of drafting water-tight contracts.   Did you know:   •  That wagering agreements are not legal in India? •  That, in India, one must be over 18 years old to enter into a contract? •  That pre-nuptial agreements are not recognised under the Indian contract law? 

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