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Methodology Distance learning
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Develop and expand your leadership skills! Leadership skills are needed in all facets of our society: business, politics, religion, youth services, and leisure industries, to mention only some. This new course is relevant to all of those areas, developing your understanding of, and capacity to apply leadership skills.

Important information

Where and when

Starts Location
Different dates available
Distance Learning
Starts Different dates available
Distance Learning

What you'll learn on the course

Decision Making
Team Building
Body Language
Team Leadership
Self assessment
Communication Skills
Team Leader
Team Training
Project Plan
Communication Training
Effective Communication
Skills and Training

Course programme

Lesson Structure: Leadership BBS110

There are 7 lessons:

Introduction to Leadership (nature and scope of leadership)
Defining Leadership
Leadership and Group Culture
Leadership & Accountability
Theories of Leadership
Leadership Styles
Situational Leadership
Contingency Theories
Style Theories
Informal Leadership
Inspirational Leadership
Path Goal Theory
Instrumental Theories
Four Framework Leadership Model
Scope of Leadership
Leader Responsibilities
Sources of Power for a Leader
Professional Leadership

Leadership Characteristics/Qualities
Good Leader Characteristics
Leadership Potential
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Cognitive Barriers to Leadership
Nature vs Nurture: Leader Qualities
Self Assessment
Interpersonal Relationships
Interpersonal Skills
Influencing Others
Self Knowledge
The Thought, Feeling, Action Cycle
Developing Self Awareness
Self Disclosure
Communication Skills
The Communication Process
Body Language
Basic Principles of Communication
Factors Affecting Effective Communication
Providing Feedback
Reflective Responses
Preventing Ineffective Listening
Open Questions
Communication Barriers
Team Building
Benefits of Teams
Elements of a Team
Establishing a Team
Types of Team Members (Collaborators, Communicators, Challengers, Contributors
Team Leadership
Team Leader Responsibilities
Decision Making in Teams
Systematic and Lateral Thinking
Perception Formation
Bases for Perception
Information and Perception Formation
Gestalt Theory & Patterns of Perception
Perception Formation Implications for a Leader
Lateral Thinking
Win-Win Negotiation
Systematic Thinking
Legal Liability
Explain the significance of leadership for a specific project or event.
Identify the role and tasks of leadership, in the same project.
Integrate factual information with theoretical information to derive a sensible solution to a leadership problem in a sensible timeframe in the same project.
Plan the development and building of the team to achieve these aims in the same project.
Plan actions for sustaining and motivating the team to achieve the aims.
Provide information on the plan of action to organize the event.

Learning Goals: Leadership BBS110

Describe the nature and scope of Leadership.
Determine the qualities which are required in a leader, in different leadership situations, including the workplace, recreation industries and developmental applications.
Manage interpersonal relationships in support of effective leadership.
Communicate leadership messages effectively to those you lead.
Explain methods that may be used for effective team building by a leader.
Select appropriate thought processes to follow in order to deal with different leadership problems.
Lead teams through innovative and creative processes

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