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Leaky Gut Analysis

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What’s a leaky gut – and is it a medically recognised condition? How does the gut control what enters the bloodstream? Which factors might cause damage to the gut lining and which may protect it? Could gluten be causing gut permeability and a leaky gut?

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What I would highlight: Amazing course it provides all the information you would need. This course has given me a great understanding on nutrition and how amazing nutrition is, I want to now have a career in nutrition.
What could be improved: -
Course taken: May 2018
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
Amy Walker
What I would highlight: This free and short course is amazingly enough to get the basic concept about nutrition and get further links to increase your knowledge.
What could be improved: -
Course taken: May 2018
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
Len Nakonechny
What I would highlight: From this amazing course, I have gained a good amount of knowledge. Among every unit of the course, I loved watching Jamie’s video. I would like to get the chance to study for a scholarship from this academy.
What could be improved: -
Course taken: May 2018
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
Hadiza Suleiman Abdullahi
What I would highlight: A balanced diet is essential for well being. We need a variety if healthy foods to provide the right amount of nutrients to attain a good and healthy lifestyle.
What could be improved: nothing to improve
Course taken: June 2017
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
What I would highlight: Excellent overview on weight loss with a good mix of nutrition. It's a great starter course.
What could be improved: nothing to improve
Course taken: February 2018
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
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Healthy Eating
Health Management
Physical Chemistry
Medical Science
Diet and nutrition
Diet Plan
Healthy Food
Health Care
Healthy Lifestyle
Dietary supplements
Health science
Gluten Sensitivity
Gut Restoration
Gut Health
Leaky Gut
Gut Analysis
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Gluten-free Diet

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Leaky Gut Syndrome is often the subject of choice for blogs and forums, along with ways to “heal” your gut. But is there any science behind it – or is it just a myth? Learn about how our gut lining can become damaged, to whether it’s really possible to have a “leaky” gut!

When most people consume junk articles and bad science, our learners want the truth. Fortunately, as scientists in this domain, we're here to filter out the fads. We have a very strict research and review process. For example, when we touch on a controversial topic, citing a single piece of research can be confusing.

That's why, in the absence of consensus, we compile studies to show you both sides. The findings are thoroughly investigated and based on studies vetted for scientific integrity, which have a higher probability of being accurate. This way, we avoid bad science and deliver proven research to you.