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Leather Working Master Course

Accademia Riaci - Florence (Italy)
In Florence ()

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Typology Master
Duration 8 Months
  • Master
  • Duration:
    8 Months

Shoe Design. Advanced Shoe Design. Advanced Shoe Drawing. Advanced Compute Aided Shoe Design. Advanced Shoe Construction and Pattern Making. Independent study in Shoe Design. Developing Successful Portfolio. Diploma Project. Bag Design. Advanced Bag Design. Advanced Bag Drawing. Advanced Computer Aied Bag Design. Advanced Bag Construction and Pattern Making. Developing a Successful Portfolio. Independent Study in Bag Design. Diploma Project. Shoe Making. Advanced Shoe Making. Advanced Shoe Design. Advanced Shoe Drawing. Advanced Compute Aided Shoe Design. Suitable for student completed Basic Course, student completed One-year Course, student graduated from four year college or university studied in the design field, or anyone experienced sufficient working training in the various field, desires to continue the study in the further advanced area. In this course, students are expected to learn further advanced art and highest level of studies. There will be an examination to be qualified to take this course. The examination includes 12 portfolios. Diploma from Accademia Riaci will be presented to those who passed the final examination

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· Requirements

1. Graduates of Riaci's Basic and/or One - Year course, or... - Graduates of 4 year colleges in art or design / Equivalent working or training exerience in a specific field, and desires to pursue their studies in a further advanced level. 2. Sufficient language proficiency in either Italian, English, or Japanese 3. A qualification exam including a 12 piece portfolio that best represents the student's work style is required for admission.


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Course programme

Taught in Italian or English

Italy is the heart of leather art such as shoes, bag and leather art design and making. We offer great opportunities to study shoes, bag and leather art design and making in Florence, Italy. The Master Program in Leather Art is intended to provide students with a comprehensive view of the leather Art industry and the essential elements for success. Leather Art Program offers an opportunity for students to express both creative and technical skills while acquiring a working understanding of how to design, produce, merchandise, and market leather products. Accademia Riaci has superior contacts in the Industry of Leather Art that translate into real career opportunities. The Department has an excellent faculty of industry professionals who teach the creative, technical and business aspects of Leather Art. Students visit factories, manufacturers, designer office and showrooms to learn about the processes of shoes and bag making firsthand from concept to production and marketing. The students can concentrate on Shoes Design, Bag Design, Shoes Making, Bag Making, Shoes, Bags and Leather Art. Accademia Riaci is one of the best reputations for the leather art in Italy.

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