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Course programme

The 3 years law course leading to an LL.B. degree is a Six Semester full time course. On completion of the Three year course. i.e. after the 6th semester, an LL.B. degree is awarded. Students who desire to study law, but do not wish to practice as advocates are eligible for the LL.B. (General) Degree, at the end of 2nd year i.e. after 4th semester.

University examinations are conducted at the end of each semester. The LL.B. Degree will not be conferred upon a student unless the student has cleared all the papers prescribed for each semester examinations in accordance with the provisions of the University of Mumbai. Performance of a student is not only evaluated through the examinations but also by his/her performance in the Practical Training examinations conducted every semester as per the guidelines issued from time to time by the Bar Council of India.

Students of the 3 years course will be taught the following papers for each semester as mentioned below. University Examination consisting of objective type question of 40 marks and subjective question of 60 marks (long answers and problems) are conducted in end of each semester.

- Labour Laws (100 marks)
- Contract-I (100 marks) (General Principles of Contract & Specific Relief Act)
- Law of Torts & Consumer Protection (100 marks)
- Law of Torts (70 marks) and Consumer Protection (30 marks)
- Legal Languages including Legal Writing and General English (100 marks)

- Law of Crimes (100 marks)
- Criminal Jurisprudence (30 marks)
- I.P.C. (70 marks)

- Constitutional Law (100 marks)
- Indian Constitutional Law (85 marks)
- Civil Rights Act 1995 (15 marks)

- Family Law - I (100 marks)
- Mohammedan Law (35 marks)
- Indian Divorce Act & Christian Marriage Act (15 marks)
- Indian Succession Act Section 1-166 only (35 marks)
- Parsi Marriage & Divorce Act (15 marks)
- Environment Laws (100 marks)
- Practical Training - I (100 marks)
(Professional ethics, advocacy for lawyers & Bar ? Bench relations)

- Administrative Law (100 marks)
- Family Law - II (100 marks)
- Property Law (Transfer of Property Act and Easement Act) (100 marks)
- Jurisprudential Controls of Property & Law Relating to Transfer of Property (85 marks)
- Easement Act 1882 (15 marks)
- Company Law (100 marks)

- Legal Theory (100 marks)
- Contract - II (100 marks)
- Indian Contract Act Section 124-238 (40 marks)
- Indian Partnership Act (30 marks)
- Sale of Goods Act (30 marks)

- Land Laws (100 marks)
- Central Legislation on Land Laws (20 marks)
- State Legislation on Land Laws (80 marks)

- Any One from the following (100 marks):
i) Criminology
ii) Taxation Laws
iii) Law of Insolvency

- Practical Training - II (100 marks)

- Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Act (100 marks)
- Civil Procedure Code (85 marks)
- Limitation Act (15 marks)

- Criminal Procedure Code, Juvenile Justice Act & - Probation of Offenders Act (100 marks)
- Criminal Procedure Code (70 marks)
- Juvenile Justice Act (15 marks)
- Probation of Offenders Act (15 marks)

- Interpretation of Statues (100 marks)

- Public International Law & Human Rights (100 marks)
- Human Rights (30 marks)
- Public International Law (30 marks)
- Human Rights and International Law (40 marks)

- Alternate Dispute Resolution (100 marks)

- Law of Evidence (100 marks)

- Optional Papers : Any Two from the following six subjects
i) Banking & Negotiable Instrument Act (100 marks)
ii) Law of Insurance (100 marks)
iii) Intellectual Property Law (100 marks)
iv) Conflict of Laws (100 marks)
v) Law Relating to Women & Children (100 marks)
vi) Law and Medicine (100 marks)

- Practical Training - III (100 marks)

- Practical Training - IV (Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing) (100 marks)

LLB 3 Yrs

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