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Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)
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Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University,Sec- D1, LDA Colony, Kanpur Road Scheme,Lucknow, 226012

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Course programme

LL.M. 1st Year Sl.No. Ist Semester Sl.No. IInd Semester i Indian Constitutional Law : The New Challenges. i Constitutional Good Governance ii Law and Social Transformation in India. ii Judicial Process. ii Jurisprudence. iii Law of Education & Legal Education iv Optional One iv Optional One. LL.M. 2nd Year

Sl.No. Ist Semester
Sl.No. IInd Semester i Administrative Law : Recent Challenges. i Constitutional and Legal ii Law and & Social Problem. ii Dissertaion. iii Research Methodology.
iv Optional One. Students are required to choose only one group out of the following groups. 1.

Contitutional Law 7. Labour Law (a) Constituional Law and Legal Order.
(a) Collective Bargaining. (b) Comparative Federalism/ Challenges before Indian Federalism. (b) Industrial Adjudication. (c) Comparative Political & Civil Rights (c) Wages: Law, Policy and practice. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Administrative Law 8. Jurisprudence
(a) Comparative Administrative Law. (a) Comparative Judicial Process. (b) Administrative Process and Judicial Control/Administrative Law: 21st Century Challenges. (b) Socialist Jurisprudence. (c) Comparative study of Delegated Legislation. (c) Legal Theory: The Newer Developments. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.
Business Law 9. Intellectual Property Law (a) Legal Regulation of Economic Enterprises.
(a) Law of Industrial & Intellectual Property in India. (b) Security Law/ Corporate Finances.
(b) Comparative Copyrights and patents Law. (c) Corporate Law : Comparative Study. (c) Intellecrual Property Law: The Challengers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.

Criminal Law 10. Human Rights (a) Law relative to Socioeconomics Crimes.

(a) Indian Perspective Human Rights. (b) Collective Violence and Criminal Justice System/Penology: Treating offenders. (b) International Perspective of Human Rights. (c) Privileged Class Devience (c) Human Rights of Women/Child. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.

Environmental Law 11. Law, Science and Technology (a) Indian Environmental Law: The Recent Challanges. (a) Interface of Law, Science and Technology: Problems before the Law. (b) Comparative Environmental Law. (b) Information Technology Law. (c) International Environmental Law. (c) Bio-Technology and Legal Control. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.
International Law

(a) International Institutions : Law, Practice and Future (b) International Humanitarian Law. (c) International Law and Contemporary issues.


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