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Vani Road, Mhasrul, Nashik , 422004, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
Vani Road, Mhasrul, Nashik , 422004, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

M.Ch. Plastic Surgery Course

Basic Science
1. Embryology and development of human tissues
2. Genetics and congenital abnormalities
3. Mechanism of healing of tissues, factors affecting the healing
4. Infection and its management
5. General principles of Surgery
6. The suture materials and suture techniques
7. Clinical examination of various systems and clinical photography
8. General anesthesia pre and post operative care for general anesthesia
9. Local, regional and other nerve blocks
10.Hypotensive and hypothermic anesthesia
11.Management of benign and malignant lesions
12.Wound healing, wound care, dressings and splints
13.Fluid and electrolyte balance, acid base balance
14.Shock and pulmonary failure, blood transfusions, ventilatory support and critical
15.Assessment of trauma, vascular emergencies embolism
General Topics
1. History of Plastic Surgery
2. Scope of Plastic Surgery
3. Tissue distortion, tissue loss and its management
4. Tissue culture, Transplantation biology and its applications
5. Plastic Surgery instruments and equipments
6. Maintenance of medical records, informed consent
7. Applications of computer and related programs
8. Social psychological, ethical and medico legal aspects communication skills
9. Implants, orthotics and prosthesis and applied to Plastic Surgery
10.Tissue expansion and tissue distraction
11.Management of Leprosy, leprosy deformities and leprosy reconstructive surgery
12.Endoscopic Plastic Surgery
13.Advances, recent advances and current trends in Plastic Surgery
14.Principles of surgical audit, understanding journal and review articles, text books
and reference books, critical assessment of articles
15.Research methodology and biostatistics
16.Arteriovenous malformations, varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency
17.Meningomyelocoele, encephalocoele, spinal fusion defects, ventral defects,
anorectal anomalies
Principal aspects of Plastic Surgery
1. Anatomy and functions of skin
2. Diseases and other conditions affecting skin
3. Skin grafts, its take and behavior
4. Scars, unstable scars and scar contracture
5. Hypertrophic scars and Keloids
6. Flaps, anatomy and physiology, classification and applications
7. Pedicled skin flaps and tube pedicle
Head and Neck
1. Embryology, anatomy, growth and development of face and facial skeleton
2. Structure and development of teeth
3. Temporomandibular joint and its dysfunction
4. Fractures of facial skeleton, management, sequel and subsequent surgery
5. Reconstruction of ear, eyelid, lip, nose, cheek and soft tissues of face
6. Congenital deformities of face and syndromes
7. Cleft lip and palate, embryogenesis, management, orthodontics, velopharyngeal
incompetence and speech therapy
8. Craniofacial abnormalities, clefts, syndromes, microsomia, synostosis and
hypertelorism Ptosis of eyelids
9. Facial Paralysis
10.Orthognathic surgery
11.Surgery of neck associated with congenital and acquired deformities
12.Rhinoplasty - corrective, aesthetic and reconstructive
13.Benign and malignant lesions and tumors of head and neck, tumor biology,
management including chemotherapy, adjuvant therapy and radiotherapy
14.Reconstruction of mandible, maxilla and other bony defects
15.Prosthetic rehabilitation
16.Reconstruction of upper aerodigestive system
1. Congenital and acquired defects of thorax and abdomen and its reconstruction
2. Decubitus ulcers and its management
3. Breast, anatomy, physiology, growth, development hormone influence,
abnormalities, diseases, surgery and reconstruction, Gynecomastia
4. Reconstruction of full thickness defects of thorax and abdomen
Lower extremity
1. Anatomy and biomechanics of locomotor system
2. Functional anatomy of foot
3. Congenital and acquired deformities of lower extremity
4. Management of tissue defects following trauma
5. Lymphoedema
1. Embryology and anatomy of the male and female genitourinary system and
genitalia, undescended testis
2. Hypospadias, epispadias and ectopia vesicae, urinary diversion
3. Reconstruction of external genitalia
4. Vaginoplasty
5. Intersex
6. Infertility, vasectomy, tuboplasty, reconstruction
1. Embryology and anatomy of hand and upper extremity
2. Clinical examination of hand and general principles of hand surgery
3. Acute hand injuries
4. Tendon injuries
5. Nerve injuries
6. Brachial plexus injuries
7. Fractures and dislocations of hand
8. Injuries and disorders of nail
9. Electro diagnostic tests
10.Ischemic conditions and vasospastic disorders
11.Nerve compression syndromes
12.Surgery of spastic and tetraplegic hand
13.Infections and diseases of hand and its management
14.Congenital abnormalities of hand and its management
15.Tendon transfers
17.Benign and malignant tumors of hand
18.Rehabilitation of hand, physiotherapy, occupation therapy, splintage and
19.Rheumatoid arthritis
20.Vascular malformations, tumors
21.Reconstruction of thumb
22.Reconstruction of mutilated hand
23.Innervated flaps
1. Principles of micro-surgery, micro vascular surgery and its applications
2. Replantations and revascularization surgery
3. Microvascular tissue transfer
1. Thermal, Electrical, Chemical, Radiation, Burns
2. Burns shock, Pathophysiology, treatment, wound care, nutrition, sequel
3. Post burn contractures, deformities and its management
4. Tangential excision, skin cover, allograft, homograft, xenograft and its application
in burns
5. Planning for burns care in disaster
6. Organization of Burns care unit
7. Rehabilitation following burns, psychological and social impact
Aesthetic Surgery
1. Chemical peeling, dermabrasion, laser treatment
2. Blepharoplasty
3. Surgery of ageing face
4. Body contouring, liposuction, abdominoplasty, hernioplasty
5. Reduction and augmentation mammoplasty
6. Hair transplant
7. Orthognathic aesthetic surgery

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