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Thapar University P.O Box 32, 147004, Punjab, India
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Course programme

First Semester

Advanced Digital signal Processing
Advanced Optical Communication Systems
Research Methodology
Digital VLSI Design
Microelectronics Technology

Second Semester

Advanced Solid State Devices
Advanced Communication Techniques
Hardware Description Languages

Third Semester

CDMA and GSM Systems
Thesis (starts)

Fourth Semester


Antenna Theory and Techniques

Review of Radiation Principles: Basic Antenna Concepts, Potential functions and the Electromagnetic field, Potential functions for Sinusoidal oscillations, Alternating current element, Power Radiated by a current element, Applications to short antennas, Assumed current distributions, Radiation from a quarter-wave monopole or halfwave dipole, Near and far fields.

Thin Linear Antennas and Arrays: Short Electric dipole, Thin linear antenna, Radiation resistance of antennas, Radiation resistance at a point which is not a current maximum, Fields of a thin linear antenna with a uniform travelling wave, Array parameters, Half-power beamwidth Mathematics of linear array, Antenna element spacing without grating lobes, Linear broadside array with non uniform distributions, Gain of regularly spaced planar arrays with d = S/2, Tchebyscheff arrays Array antennas, Reduction of sidelobes by tapering, Circular array, Phase and amplitude errors

Secondary Sources & Aperture Antennas: Magnetic currents, Duality, Images of electric & magnetic currents, electric & magnetic currents as sheet sources, Impressed and induced current sources, Induction and equivalence theorems, field of a secondary or Huygen??s source, Radiation from open end of a coaxial line, Radiation through an aperture in conducting screen, slot antenna ,

Pattern Synthesis: Approximate far field pattern of line source, Synthesis of line sources, Fourier transform method of line sources, Antenna as a filter, Laplace transform method, Woodward??s synthesis method, Optimization methods, Synthesis of Planar rectangular source, Synthesis of planar circular source. Low sidelobe synthesis

Microstrip Antenna: Advantages & disadvantages of microstrip antennas, Analysis of rectangular microstrip antenna, different modes of excitation, uses of rectangular microstrip antenna. Introduction to circular microstrip antenna.

Broadband and Frequency Independent Antennas: Broadband Antennas, The frequency-independent concept : Rumsey??s Principle, Frequency-independent planar log-spiral antennas, Frequency-independent conical-spiral Antenna, log periodic antenna. Reflectror antennas.

Dielectric and dielectric loaded metal antennas: Leaky wave antennas, surface wave antennas, Dielectric and dielectric loaded metal antennas, Applications of Dielectric and dielectric loaded metal antennas, Radiation pattern of circular cylindrical dielectric rod antenna.

Applications and numerical techniques: Different types of antennas for applications in communication systems. Antennas for space communication, Numerical techniques in antenna design.

Practicals related to Antenna Techniques using Software and Hardware.

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