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Saraswati Vihar, Pachpedi, Jabalpur (M.P.), 482001, Madhya Pradesh, India
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Saraswati Vihar, Pachpedi, Jabalpur (M.P.), 482001, Madhya Pradesh, India
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Course programme

The concept and nature of Mathematical Economics, Mathematical Economics and Econometrics, Relation and functions, Equilibrium analysis
equation and inequalities, Linear and non-linear model and their solutions, Arithmetic and Geometric Progression
Derivative and a slope of a curve: Process of Differentiation : Rules of Differentiation of a function :Derivatives of higher order : Sign of
derivative and nature of function : I and II order conditions for Maxima and Minima
Application of simple derivatives in Economics, Differential coefficients and elasticity of demand, Average and Marginal Revenue Curves and
their relation, conditions for profit maximization.
Differentiation of a function of two or more variable: Partial Differentiation process and its application in Economics, Total Derivatives Rules of
total differentiation.
The theory of Consumer Behavior Indifference curve, Rate of Commodity Substitution (RCS), Maximization
The Theory of constrained cost minimization and profit maximization, Cobb-Douglas Production Function, C.E.S. production function.
Linear programming General formulation of Maximization and Minimization problem. Graphical and Simplex method. Duality in Linear
.Meaning, Rational, pattern and impact of industrialization. Factors favburing and Hampering Rapid Industria! Development of India. New Industrial
Policy in India, from 1991 to till date. Recent trends in Indian Industrial growth.Unit – 5 .Sources of Industrial finance owned capital , borrowed capital, industrial finance institutions – IDBI, , IFCI, SFC

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