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Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh)
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Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh-202002 , 202002

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Course programme

English Literature was a compulsorry subject for all B.A. students till 1950's. Those were the days of the domaince of libera education. Not much emphasis was put on research in english. Infact the Department took an initiative in this direction under the guidence of its chairman, Professor A. Boseonly in the fifth decade if the last century. Professor A. Box not promoted research he also gave english Language Teaching its due place in the one year PPre-university and three courses introduced in 1950's Among the ptional papers American Literature was the first to make its appearance in 1959 to followed by papers on English Language. Commonwealth Literature. Continental Literature in the 1940's which was later with drawn. From the point of view of breaking new copurses: MA ELT and B.A (hons.) Communicative English. The latter course was funded by UGC for its initial five years: Now theDepartment runs this useful course out of its own limited resourse since the serves as a feeder for our MA ELT course. Moreover, the course. BA (Hons.) Communicative English, has adeuately met the University who had little exposure to English Language.

English is taught as a compulsory subject to the under-graduate of all the faculties of the University except for the faculties of Medicine and Agriculture.

Realizing the important of English for modern education, the founder of the M.A.O college, Aligarh, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and his associates had the Department of English established at the college as early as 1877. The principal and a good number of teachers at that time were British, Those who taught English included A.A. J. Nesbitt,L. Tipping,F.J.Moss, Dr. Lee and M.Collins.In 1885, Walter Raleigh, who was to distinguish himself as a literary intact in the years to come and who went on to taech at manchester livepool and Glasgow before he became king Alfred, Professor of English in Merton College Alfred, Professor of english in Merton College, Oxford and had a major role in organizing English Studies in the the University of Oxford, was appointed of the first Professor of English at the M.A.O. College Professor from Britan Headed the Department of English as late as 1946 through the M.A.O College in the early 20th Century in 1921, with the Aligarh College becoming a Professor E.C.Dickinson took over as the first Chairman of the University's English Department to be followed by Mr.Firebrace, Mr.Hadow Harris and Professor F.J. Fielden.


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