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In Itanagar

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    2 Years



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Itanagar (Arunāchal Pradesh)
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Rajiv Gandhi University,Dr. Tana Showren Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono Hills, Doimukh, 791112

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Course programme

Detailed Syllabus:


ENGL 401 Poetry from Chaucer to Pope
ENGL 402 Drama from Shakespeare to Sheridan
ENGL 403 Prose from Bacon to Hazlitt
ENGL 404 Phonetics and the use of English


ENGL 405 Literary Theory and Criticism - I
ENGL 406 Poetry from Collins to Rossetti
ENGL 407 Fiction from Defoe to Hardy
ENGL 408 Linguistics and ELT


ENGL 501 Literary Theory & Criticism - II
ENGL 502 Twentieth Century Poetry & Drama
ENGL 503 Twentieth Century Literature - Fiction
ENGL 504 Indian Writting in English


ENGL 541 American Literature
ENGL 542 New Literatures
ENGL 543 Postcolonial Studies
ENGL 544 Women's Writting
ENGL 545 Canadian Literature
ENGL 546 World Literature in Translation
ENGL 547 English in India
ENGL 548 Nation and Narration
ENGL 549 Indian Poetics
ENGL 550 Indian Literature in Translation
ENGL 551 English in Electronic Media
ENGL 552 Film Studies
ENGL 553 Literature on Ecology

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Students per class: 32

M.A in English

Price on request