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The Department admits into its M.A. programme graduates from ANY basic discipline.

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Course programme

The School of Humanities comprises the following Departments, Centres and Cell:

1) Department of English
2) Department of Philosophy
3) Department of Hindi
4) Department of Telugu
5) Department of Urdu
6) Department of Sanskrit Studies
7) Centre for Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies
8) Centre for Comparative Literature
9) English Language Teaching cell

The School of Humanities is founded on the conviction that the Humanities give purpose, direction and value to education and to life, and that they are no less important to society than scientific and technological disciplines. The School aims at providing a centre of common awareness and a sense of human responsibility, making the University more than a complex of specialist departments. In addition, it is committed to the achievement of academic and linguistic excellence, creativity and all-round development of students. The courses offered in the School reflect these objectives and concerns.

Department of English

It aims at providing instruction and carrying out research in both traditional and current areas of English Studies. In addition to core English Literature and American Literature components, it encourages work in New Literatures in English, Comparative Studies, Translation, Culture, Language Studies and Pedagogy.

M.A. in English

The M.A. programme extends over four semesters. It is a 70-credit programme, with 50 credits for mandatory courses and 20 credits for optional courses, 4 of which may be obtained from other departments. Students may take further courses, up to a maximum of 80 credits, keeping in mind the department schedule.

The M.A. programme covers different areas of English Studies (Language and Literature) like Shakespeare and the Seventeenth Century; Eighteenth Century, Romantic, Victorian and Modern British Literature; American Literature; New Literatures and Indian Writing in English; Literary Criticism and Theory; Structure of English Language and other aspects of language study like Stylistics, Sociolinguistics and English Language Teaching. Whenever possible, instruction is provided in small classes through discussion and individual work.

M.A. in English

Price on request