M.A in geography


In Itanagar

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    2 Years



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Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh)
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Rajiv Gandhi University,Dr. Tana Showren Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono Hills, Doimukh, 791112

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Course programme

Detailed Syllabus:


GEO 401 Geomorphology
GEO 402 Climatology
GEO 403 Economic Geography
GEO 404 Biogeography
Practical :
GEO 426 Topographical Analysis & Surveying
GEO 427 Cartographic Representation of Geographical Data


GEO 451 History of Geographic Thought
GEO 452 Environmental Geography
GEO 453 Regional Geography of India
GEO 454 Social Geography
Practical :
GEO 475 Quantitative Techniques and Computer Application in Geography
GEO 476 Research Methods in Geography and Field study Report


Theory ( Compulsory )
GEO 501 Remote Sensing and GIS
GEO 502 Geography of Rural Settlement
Practical ( Compulsory )
GEO 526 Remote Sensing and GIS
I. Human Geography Stream (Theory)
GEO 506 Cultural Geography
GEO 507 Demography & Population Geography
GEO 527 Demographic Data Analysis & Mapping
II. Physical Geography Stream (Theory)
GEO 511 Geography of Landforms
GEO 512 Hydrology
Practical :
GEO 528 Geomorphic Mapping and Hydrological Data Analysis
III. Regional Development and Planning Stream (Theory)
GEO 516 Regional Development & Planning
GEO 517 Geography of Central Places and Regional Analysis
Practical :
GEO 529 Techniques of Regional Analysis & Central Places


GEO 551 Geography of North East India
GEO 552 Soil Geography
Practical :
GEO 576 Dissertation
I. Human Geography Stream (Theory)
GEO 556 Urban Geography
GEO 557 Agricultural Geography
Practical :
GEO 577 Settlement Analysis and Land use Mapping
II. Physical Geography Stream (Theory)
GEO 561 Fluvial Gemorphology
GEO 562 Glacial Geomorphology
Practical :
GEO 578Drainage Basin and Soil Profile Analysis
III. Regional Development and Planning Stream (Theory)
GEO 566 Geography of Rural Development & Planning
GEO 567 Sustainable Development & EIA
Practical :
GEO 579 Locational and Network Analysis

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Students per class: 35

M.A in geography

Price on request