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Mumbai (Maharashtra)
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Registrar University of Mumbai M.G. Road Fort, 400032

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Course programme

The University of Mumbai offers M.A. Geography course to its students. The course structure for it is as follows:

Part I
Paper I : Fundamentals of Geomorphology
Paper II : Geography of Climato-biotic Interaction.
Paper III : Geography of Human Societies.
Paper IV : Spatial Organisation of Economic Activities.
Paper V : Practical Paper I (Tools and Techniques of Spatial Analysis - I)
Paper VI : Practical Paper II (Tools and Techniques of Spatial Analysis - II)

Part II
Paper VII : Spatial Dimensions of Development.
Paper VIII : Geography of South Asia.
Paper IX & X : Optional Papers
Paper XI : Practical Paper III
Paper XII : Practical Paper IV

Each student shall choose two Optional Papers from Group A or Group B or Group C.
Alternatively he / she may select one paper from either Group A or Group B along with one paper / dissertation from Group C.

The Following is the list of Optional Papers in various groups :

Group A - Physical / Natural Resources Group:

1. Tropical Geomorphology.
2. Coastal Geomorphology.
3. Fluvial Geomorphology.
4. Climatology of the Tropics.
5. Microclimatology.
6. Plant Geography with special reference to tropics.
7. Geography of soils with special reference to tropics.
8. Geographical perspective on Ocean Development.
9. Geography of Water Resources Management.

Group B - Social and Cultural Group :

1. Regional Development and Planning.
2. Urban Geography.
3. Social Geography.
4. Historical Geography.
5. Political Geography.
6. Cultural Geography.
7. Agricultural Geography.
8. Geography of Energy Resources.
9. Industrial Geography.
10. Geography of Trade & Marketing.
11. Geography of Transport & Communications.
12. Geography of Tourism and Recreation.
13. Geography of Tribes with Special reference to India.

Group C - Interface Group:

1. Thematic Cartography.
2. Advanced Techniques in Geography.
3. Geography of Environmental Quality.
4. Theoretical Geography.
5. Geography of Health.
6. Dissertation.

M.A. Geography

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