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Calicut (Kerala)
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Calicut, Kerala , 673008

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Course programme

It is broadly divided into four prominent forms or styles, being Bhakti (devotional - Kabir, Raskhan); Shringar (beauty - Keshav, Bihari); Veer-Gatha (extolling brave warriors); and Adhunik (modern).
The course includes
Adikal : Siddha, Nath and Raso Sahitya.
(ia) Prominent Poets : Chandravardai, Khusro, Vidyapati.
Bhaktikal : Sant Kavya-dhara, Sufi Kavyadhara, Krishna Bhakti and Ram Bhaktidhara.
(iia) Prominent Poets : Kabir, Jayasi, Surdas, Tulsidas and Guru Nanak.
Riti Kal : Riti-baddha-kavya and Riti-mukta-kavya.
(iiia) Prominent Poets : Bihari, Amirdas, Ghananand.
Aadhunik Kal : Prominent trends of Modern Hindi Poetry, Fiction and Drama.
Prominent Poets & Writers : Bhartendu, Maithili Sharan Gupta, Nirala, Prem Chand, Ram Chandra Shukla, Yashpal, Agneya, H.P. Dwivedi and Nirmal Verma.

M.A. Hindi

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