M.A. in Konkani


In Goa Velha

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    Goa velha



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Goa Velha (Goa)
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Taleigao Plateau, Goa, 403206

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Course programme

A Centre for Konkani Development Studies has been set up with the support of UGC in the course of the IXth Five-Year-Plan as an adjunct of the Department of Konkani, which deals with work of preparation of terminology, dictionaries, translation from Indian and foreign classics, specially those relating to literary criticism, transliteration of Konkani texts from one script to another and the publication of the same for the benefit of the students. The Centre has done video ducumentation of Dasro, Garaanim, Ghumat vadan (Sakaarat), Rannamale (folk drama), Fugddi (folk dance) and the Three Kings Feast of Chandor under the unique programme called "Know our Culture".

Course Content

# Linguistic Study of Konkani
# Major Movements in Konkani Language and Literature (1116-1995)
# Priciples of Literary Criticism (Indian Poetics)
# Modern Konkani Poetry 1858 ? 2000 A.D
# Modern Konkani Prose (1858-1995 A.D)
# Special Study of Modern Konkani Author Shenoy Goembab
# Priciples of Literary Criticism( Western Poetics)
# Study of old Konkani Literature (16th & 17th Centuries)

Optional Subjects
# Theory and Practice of Comparative Literature
# Computer Application Course in Konkani
# Mass Communication, Society & Culture
# Konkani Folklore
# Translation Theory and Practice in Konkani
# Konkani Literature in Kannada Script
# Konkani Literature in Roman Script
# Konkani Literature in Kerala
# A form of Literature-Drama_Tiatro
# Study of an Old Konkani Author
# Research Methodology
# Issues in Language Contact and Multilinguism
# Kannada Script and Transliteration

M.A. in Konkani

Price on request