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Rohtak (Haryana)
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Maharshi Dayanand University,Rohtak - 124001,Haryana , 124001

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Course programme

1. Detail study of the following Ragas with reference the
following :
a) Origin & Development
b) Detail Study
c) Expansion of Ragas in swaras ( writing of alap & tan )
i) Puriya Kalyan
ii) Gujri Todi
iii) Komal Rishabh Asawari
iv) Madhuwanti
v) Multani
vi) Miyan Malhar
2. Ability to write a composition in Vilabit Khayal / Maseethani
Gat and Drut Khyal / Raza Khani Gat including other than
3. Evolutiuon and growth of various musical forms:
Dhrupad, Dhamar, Khayal,Maseetkhani Gat & Razakhani Gat.

Development of Raga Classification system ( Grama Raga, Desi
Raga, Dashcidh Raga Vargikaran of Sharang Dev, Jati Rag
Vargikaran, Shudh- Chayalaga & Sankirna Rag Vargikaran, Rag-
Ragni Vargikaran, Mela Rag Vargikaran, That-Rag Vargikaran&
Raganga Rag Vargikaran) and study of the following:
2. Historical development of the following string instruments and
their importance in Indian Music-Tanpura, sitar, Sarod, Sarangi,

M.A. Music

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