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    2 Years

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Course programme

Course Structure : First Semester : Course 1 Cell & Molecular Biology of Plants Course 2 Biology and Diversity of Algae, Brophytes and Pteriodophytes Course 3 Biology & Diversity of Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi Course 4 Cytology and Genetics Practicals Based on Course 1-4 Second Semester : Course 5 Cytogenetics & Plant Breeding Course 6 Biology and Diversity Gymnosperms Course 7 Taxonomy of Angiosperms Course 8 Plant Physiology and Metabolism Practicals Based on Course 5-8 Third Semester : Course 9 Plant Development Course 10 Plant Reproduction Course 11 Plant Ecology Course 12 Plant resource utilization and conservation Practicals Based on Course 9-12 Fourth Semester : Course 13 Biostatistics and Computer Application Course 14 Biotechnology and Genetics Engineering Course 15 Reproductive Biology - I Course 16 Reproductive Biology - II Practicals Based on Course 13-16

M.Sc. (Botany)

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