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    2 Years



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Amritsar (Punjab)
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G.T. Road, 143001

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Course programme

The mission of the institute is :

To provide opportunities for educational, vocational, professional, social, linguistic and cultural development to the people of all abilities and backgrounds so that they can discover their potential and fulfill their aspirations.

To promote morality and sobriety of life, to promulgate and to preach teachings of Ten Gurus as contained in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ; to imbibe students of the Sikh faith with idealism and moral disciplines taught by the Gurus and fit them for a way of life that will bring credit to the community and the country; to develop the faculty of meditation and of religious education and to produce worthy citizens of India

To develop multidimensional personality of the student by providing an opportunity to participate in religious, cultural, co-curricular, theatrical, literary and sports activities.

To value originality and vision, encourage initiative and promote creativity.

To instil a sense of pride and achievement of personal accomplishment.

To promote creativity and value originality.

M.Sc. Botany

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