M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences

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Starts On request
New Delhi
New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi , 110067, Delhi, India
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Course programme

M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences

The School of Environmental Sciences was established in the year 1974. The academic programme of the School has been periodically reviewed, revised and updated, keeping in mind the need for sharper focussing, the available expertise at any given time, and the changes desired in curriculum of individual courses or specific programmes.

An M.Sc. programme was originally run in 1976 but it was discontinued for some time to allow for major revision. Subsequently, a revised M.Sc. programme in Environmental Sciences was introduced in 1987. Based on experience gained in running this revised package, a further revision was undertaken and starting from the academic year 1993-94, two streams in the M.Sc. programme were initiated, viz. one based on Physical sciences, and the other based on biological sciences

ES-461 Earth Processes
ES-462 Environmental Chemistry
ES-463 Meteorology
ES-464 Thermodynamics
ES-465 Ecology
ES-466 Lab. I

ES-471 Remote Sensing
ES-472 Energy and Environmental
ES-473 Lab. II
ES-562 Radiation and Environment

Group A
ES-475 Water Pollution
ES-477 Air Pollution
ES-578 Noise Pollution

Group B
ES-478 Ecosystem Dynamics
ES-479 Environmental Biochemistry
ES-480 Pollution Biology

ES-456 Field Trip
ES-474 Soil Science
ES-561 Environmental Conservation
ES-563 Marine Environment
ES-564 Water Resources
ES-565 Ecology and Sustainable Development

Group A
ES-485 Aquatic Ecology
ES-574 Geochemistry
ES-579 Climatology

Group B
ES-577 Environmental Pollution
ES-583 Environmental Biotechnology
ES-585 Environmental Biophysics

ES-491 Environmental Impact Assessment
ES-566 Current Topics in Environmental Sciences
ES-572 Projects

Group A
ES-529 Soil Pollution and Solid Waste Management
ES-573 Earth Resource
ES-580 Natural Hazards
ES-581 Hydrology

Group B
ES-524 Eco-Toxicology
ES-582 Microbial Ecology
ES-584 Environmental and Occupational Health

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