M.Sc. (Genetics)

Maharshi Dayanand University
In Rohtak

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Maharshi Dayanand University,Rohtak - 124001,Haryana , 124001, Haryana, India
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Maharshi Dayanand University,Rohtak - 124001,Haryana , 124001, Haryana, India
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Course programme

1.1 Organization of genome in humans : General features of
chromosomes, reiterated sequences and their detection, protein
coding genes, pseudogene;
1.2 Gene mapping : Gene mapping by somatic cell hybridization, top
down approach to molecular mapping, restriction maps and contig
construction (the bottom up approach);
1.3 Engineering chromosomes : Yeast artificial chromosome, making
YACs, MACs (mammalian artificial chromosomes) and satellite
DNA's artificial chromosomes (SAT ACS).\
2.1 Molecular explanation of dominance, recessiveness, incomplete
peneterance and variable expressivity.
2.2 Identifying the genetic basic of disease : Positional analysis
experimental strategy;
2.3 Identification of specific disease gene in Huntington's disease,
DMD and cystic fibrosis.
3.1 Genetic screening : Prenatal, neonatal and adult screening;
3.2 Prenatal diagnosis : RFLP and Prenatal counselling;
3.3 Treatment of genetic disease : Gene therapy (criteria and technical
aspects), gene delivery systems; viral vectors and micro injection;
germ line therapy
4.1 Studying the whole genome : Pulse field gel electrophoresis (to
make large scale maps), cloning of huge DNA segment, automated
DNA sequencing;
4.2 Human genome project : History & concepts human genome
project, gateways to access human genome, goals, role of
sequencing, distribution of GC content, cpg island & recombination
rules, main conclussions, current activities, STS proposal;
4.3 Social and ethical issues in human genome research.

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