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Vani Road, Mhasrul, Nashik , 422004, Maharashtra, India
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Vani Road, Mhasrul, Nashik , 422004, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme


The course is designed to develop an understanding of concepts and constructs theoretical
basis of advanced nursing practice and critically analyze different theories of nursing and other

 History of development of nursing profession, characteristics,
criteria of the profession, perspective of nursing profession -
national, global
Code of ethics (INC), code of professional conduct (INC),
autonomy and accountability, assertiveness, visibility of nurses,
legal considerations.
 Role of regulatory bodies.
 Professional organizations and unions- self defense, individual
and collective bargaining.
Educational preparations, continuing education, career
opportunities, professional advancement role and scope of nursing
Role of research, leadership and management.
 Quality assurance in nursing (INC).
 Futuristic nursing.
Health care delivery:
 Health care environment, economic constraints, planning
process, political process vis a vis nursing profession.
 Health care delivery system -nation, state district and local
 Major stakeholders in the health care system Govt, non
government, industry and other professionals.
 Patterns of nursing care delivery in India.
 Health care delivery concerns, national health and family
welfare program, inter- sectoral coordination, role of nongovernmental
 Information, education and
communication (IEC).
 Tele - medicine.
 Review of cellular division, mutation and law of inheritance,
human genome project, the genetic era.
 Basic concepts of genes, chromosomes and DNA.
 Approaches to common genetic disorders.
 Genetic Testing - basis of genetic diagnosis, pre-symptomatic
and predisposition testing, prenatal diagnosis & screening,
ethical, legal and psychosocial issues in genetic testing.
 Genetic Counseling.
 Practical application of genetics in nursing.
 Scope, epidemiological approach and methods.
 Morbidity, mortality,
 Concepts of causation of diseases and their screening.
 Application of epidemiology in health care delivery, Health
survelliance and health informatics.
 Role of nurse
Bio- psycho social pathology
 Pathophysiology and psychodynamic of disease causation.
 Life processes, homeostatic mechanism, biological and
psycho- social dynamics in causation of disease, life style.
 Common problems : Oxygen insufficiency, fluid and electrolyte
imbalance, nutritional problems, hemorrhage land shock, altered
body temperature, unconsciousness, sleep pattern and its
disturbances, pain, sensory deprivation.
 Treatment aspects: pharmacological and pre-post operative care
 Cardio pulmonary resuscitation. Care of dying and dead.
 Infection prevention (including HIV) and standard safety
measures, bio-medical waste management.
 Role of nurse -Evidence based nursing practice.
Philosophy and Theories of Nursing.
 Values, conceptual models, approaches.
 Nursing theories: Nightingale's Henderson's, Roger's,
Peplau's Abdella's , Lewine's, Orem's Johnson's, King's,
Neuman's, Roy's , Watson's, parsce etc. and their applications.
 Health belief models, communication and management etc.
 Concept of self health. *Evidence based practice model.
Nursing process approach
Health Assessment- illness status of patients/ clients (Individual,
family, community), Identification of health illness problems,
health behaviors, signs and symptoms of clients.
Methods of collection, analysis and utilization of data relevant to
nursing process.
Formulation of nursing care plans, health goals, implementation,
modification and evaluation of care.
Psychological aspects and Human relations
 Human behavior, Life processes and growth and development,
personality development, defense mechanisms.
 Communication, interpersonal relationships, individual and
group, group dynamics, and organizational behavior.
 Basic human needs, Growth and development, (Conception
through preschool, School age through adolescence, young and
middle adult, and Older adult )
 Sexuality and sexual health.
 stress and adaptation, crisis and its intervention.
 Coping with loss, death and grieving,
 Principles and techniques of
 Counseling.
Nursing Practice
 Framework, Scope and trends.
 Alternative modalities of care, alternative systems of
complementary therapies.
 Extended and Expanded role of the nurse in promotive,
preventive, curative and restorative health care delivery system
in community and institutions.
 Health promotion and primary health care.
 Independent practice issues - Independent nurse midwifery
 Collaboration issues and models within and outside nursing.
 Models od prevention.
 Family nursing, Home nursing.
 Gender sensitive issues and women empowerment.
 Disaster nursing.
 Geriatric considerations in nursing.
 Evidence based nursing practice.
 Trans- cultural nursing
Computer application for patient care delivery system and nursing
 Use of computers in teaching, learning, research and nursing
 Windows, MS office, Word, Excel, Power Point.
 Internet, Literature search.
 Statistical packages.
 Hospital management information system software.

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