M.Sc. in physics


In Gulbarga

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    2 Years



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Gulbarga (Karnataka)
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Gulbarga University Jnana Ganga GULBARGA-585106 Karnataka, India, 585106

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Course programme

I Semester
1.1 Classical Mechanics
1.2 Quantum Mechanics-I
1.3 Electrodynamics
1.4 Mathematical & Computational Physics
Pr 1.5 Nuclear, Optics & Computers
Pr 1.6 Solid State, Electronics & Computers

II Semester

2.1 Statistical Mechanics
2.2 Atomic & Molecular Physics
2.3 Elements of Nuclear Physics
2.4 Elements of Solid State Physics
Pr 2.5 Nuclear, Optics & Computers
Pr 2.6 Solid State, Electronics & Computers

III Semester

3.1 Applied Physics
3.2 Mathematical & Computational Physics
3.3 Solid State / Nuclear Physics
3.4 Material Sc Biophysics
Pr 3.5 Nuclear, Optics & Computations
Pr 3.6 Solid State, Electronics, Computations

IV Semester

4.1 Quantum Mechanics-II
4.2 Electronics & Instrumentation
4.3 Solid State / Nuclear Physics
4.4 Material Sc. / Biophysics
Pr 4.5 Solid State, Electronics, Computations
Pr 4.6 Solid State, Electronics, Computations

M.Sc. in physics

Price on request