M.Sc. Physics


In Goa Velha

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    Goa velha



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Goa Velha (Goa)
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Taleigao Plateau, Goa, 403206

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Course programme

The department of Physics conducts both M.Sc. Physics and Electronics programmes. The thrust area of the department is Condensed Matter Physics and Sensors & Instrumentation. Besides developing its own research programmes, the department has strong interactions with other departments in this university and with national and international institutes/laboratories. The Department has also been selected by the UGC under SAP at DRS level for financial support.

Course Structure
# Mathematical Methods of Physics
# Classical Mechanics
# Electromagnetic Theory
# Electronics Practicals - I
# Quantum Mechanics - II
# Statistical Mechanics
# Solid State Physics - II
# Solid State Physics Practicals

Optional Subjects
# Quantum Mechanics - I
# Electronics - I
# Solid State Physics - I
# General Practicals
# Nuclear Physics
# Method of Experimental Physics
# Neutron Physics
# Superconductivity
# Superconductivity Practicals
# Electronics Practicals - II
# Electronics - II
# Numerical Methods of Computer Programming
# Computer Programming
# Semiconductor Physics
# Semiconductor Physics Practicals
# Introduction to Remote Sensing
# Projects (in lieu of 2 courses)

M.Sc. Physics

Price on request