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Mumbai (Maharashtra)
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Registrar University of Mumbai M.G. Road Fort, 400032

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Course programme

The University of Mumbai offers M.Sc. Physics course to its students. The course structure for it is as follows:

Part- I :

Paper I Section I
Section II Mathematical
Classical Mechanics
Paper II Section I
Section II Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics
Paper III Section I
Section II Nuclear Physics
Solid State Physics
Paper IV Section I
Section II Electronics
Solid State Electronics

All students irrespective of their choice of option are required to go through these four (common) papers. The practicals in part I are also common and each student is required to go through the practicals irrespective of his/her choice of option.


Paper V Section I
Section II Classical Electrodynamics,
Statistical Mechanics,
Paper VI Section I
Section II Atomic & Molecular Physics,
Laser & Plasma Physics.

Paper V

These papers V and VI are common to all students irrespective of theirchoice of optional subject. Besides these there are two papers : Paper VII and VIII.Paper VII and Paper VIII :They are from any one optional subject, to be chosen by the candidate at the time of his/her admission to M.Sc. degree course at Part-I, from amongst the following :

i) Nuclear Physics,

ii) Solid State Physics,

iii) Solid State Electronics,

iv) Chemical Physics,

v) Laser and Plasma Physics.

vi) Electronics - a) Electronics - I [Microprocessors & Microcomputer Systems]

b) Electronics - II [Electronic Communications]

vii) Astronomy and Space Physics.

viii) Materials Science

The two practicals at Part II are exclusively in the optional subject chosen by the candidate.

M.Sc. Physics

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