M. Sc. (Physics):Liquid Crystals:Fabrication of Integrated Circuits

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Thapar University P.O Box 32, 147004, Punjab, India
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Course programme

First Semester

Classical Mechanics
Statistical Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics
Mathematical Physics
Physics Lab I
Fundamentals of Computer Science and C Programming

Second Semester

Condensed Matter Physics
Experimental Techniques in Physics
Atomic and Molecular Physics
Physics Lab II

Third Semester

Particle Physics
Nuclear Physics
Semiconductor Physics
Physics Lab III

Fourth Semester


Fabrication of Integrated Circuits

Crystal Growth: Czochralski and Bridgeman techniques, Float zone growth, Distribution coefficient, zone refining, Wafer preparation and specifications.

Epitaxy: Importance of lattice matching in epitaxy, CVD of Si, Thermodynamics of vapour phase growth, Defects in epitxial growth, MBE technology.

Diffusion: Ficks diffusion equation in one dimension, Atomistic models of diffusion, Analytic solution of Ficks’s law for different cases, Diffusivities of common dopants in Si and SiO2 . Diffusion enhancements and retardation.

Thermal Oxidation: Deal-Grove model of oxidation, Linear and Parabolic oxidation rate coefficients, Effect of dopant during oxidation, Oxidation induced defects.

Ion Implantation: Channeling and projected range of ions, Implantation damage, Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA).

Metalization applications: Gates and interconnections, Metalization choice, metals, Alloys and silicides, Deposition techniques, Metallization problems, Step coverage, Electromigration.

Etching: Dry and wet chemical etching, Reactive plasma etching, Ion enhanced etching and ion induced etching, Plasma etchers and Barrel reactors.

Optical lithography: Photoresists, contact and proximity printers, projection printers, Mask alignment, X-ray and electron beam lithography.

Fundamental considerations of IC processing: Building individual layers, Junction and Trench isolation of devices, NMOS IC technology, CMOS IC technology, Bipolar IC technology,

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