M.A. in Sociology

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Chandigarh (Punjab)
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Panjab University, Chandigarh, 160014

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Gurpreet Kaur

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Course programme

For M.A. Course, the Department is currently offering the following courses . Each course carries 4 credits. This course is spread over four semesters as follows:


SOC R 411 History of Social Thought

SOC R 412 Social Stratification Concepts and Theories

SOC R 413 Theories of Development

SOC R 414 Basic Social Statistics


SOC R 425 Positivist Sociological Theories

SOC R 426 Methodology of Social Sciences

SOC M 521 Population and Society

SIC M 621 Social Dimensions of development

SOC M 721 Urban Sociology, Concepts and Theories

SOC M 821 Peasant and Rural Sociology in India

SOC M 921 Sociology of Family

SOC M 1021 Fundamentals of Industrial Sociology

SOC O 1121 Sociology of Health-Concepts and Theories

SOC O 1122 Organizational Theory

SOC O 1123 Advanced Social Statistics

SOC O 1124 Sociology of Legal Systems


SOC R 437 Interpretitive Sociological Theories

SOC R 438 Methods and Techniques in Social Research

SOC M 532 Basic Methods in Population Studies

SOC M 632 Social Development in India

SOC M 732 Urban Society in India

SOC M 832 Peasant Movements in India

SOC M 932 Sociology of Gender Roles

SOC M 1032 Industrial Sociology in India

SOC O 1131 Social Aspects of Health Care

SOC O 1132 Organizational Structure and Development

SOC O 1133 Sociology of deviance: Concepts and Theories

SOC O 1134 Political Sociology: Concepts & Theoris

SOC O 1135/1143 Dissertation III & IV Semesters


SOC R 449 Perspectives on Indian Society

SOC M 543 Determinants and Consequences of Population Growth

SOC M 544/744 Sociology of Human Migration

SOC M 644/844 Rural Development in India

SOC M 645 Entrepreneurship and Development

SOC M 743 Urban Problems

SOC M 843/646 Environmental Crisis and Sustainable Development

SOC M 1043 Political Economy of Industrialization and Labour

SOC M 1044 Organized and Unorganized Labour in India

SOC O 1141 Community Health

SOC O 1142 Social Problems

SOC O 1143 Dissertation (III & IV Semesters)

The field dissertation will carry 8 credits (200 marks) and will spread over 2 semesters, i.e. Semester III and Semester IV. Only those students who have scored 400 marks during Ist year (I and II semester combined) taking not more than a total of 32 credits will be allowed to take up the field dissertation.

There are 4 majoring areas out of which a student is required to opt for one Majoring area only. He /She will be required to take up four courses in that particular Majoring area with the break up: one each in second and third semesters and two in fourth semester. A student who opts for a particular Majoring area in the second semester will not be allowed to change the area subsequently. Course offering depends upon the availability of faculty during a particular semester. Out of the Open courses/dissertation, each student is required to take up 3 additional courses (over and above the required courses and courses in the Majoring areas, as indicated above). In any given semester a student will ordinarily have to take four courses.

M.A. in Sociology

₹ 9,620 + VAT