M.A. in Sociology


In Goa Velha

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    Goa velha



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Goa Velha (Goa)
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Taleigao Plateau, Goa, 403206

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Course programme

As far as the research degree is concerned till date ten candidates have been awarded the Ph.D degree. They worked on such diverse themes as ethno-medicine, rural development institutions, sociology of religion, and social mobility. Among them seven candidates had Goa as their research setting. Presently there are seven registered Ph.D candidates working under two recognised guides. Among them three are FIP fellows supported by the UGC. The formal research activity was not confined to Ph.D programme alone. At times research students from abroad had sought affiliation to the Department having some of our faculty members as local supervisors. The faculty members also offered consultancy services and completed research projects sponsored by such funding agencies as Equations, Bangalore, Heidelberg University, Germany and Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. Presently, the Department has an ongoing Major Research Project funded by the UGC. Informally the faculty members have been pursuing their personal research on such diverse themes as tourism, post-coloniality, development and the village and gastronomic transitions.

Course Content
# Classical Sociology
# Sociology of Indian Society
# Schools of Sociological Theory
# Current Debates in Social Theory
# Political Sociology
# Philosophy of Social Sciences
# Globalisation and Development
# Sociology of Religion

Optional Subjects
# Understanding Goa
# Social Research Methods
# Tourists and Tourism
# Food, Society and Culture
# Family, Kinship and Marriage
# Sociology of Gender
# Sociology of Work
# Social Movements and Revolutions
# Agrarian Relations and Social Structure
# Ecology and Society
# The Indian Diaspora
# Language and Society
# Sociology of Health
# Women and Child Welfare in Goa
# Sociology of Modern Brazil
# Ethnicity and Race Relation in Latin America
# Introduction to Brazilian Literature
# Language and Culture of Brazil
# Language and Culture of Brazil
# Economics of Tourism
# Aveiro Exchange Programme

M.A. in Sociology

Price on request