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Course programme

The Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth offers M.A. Sociology course to its students. The course structure for it is as follows:

Sociological Perspectives :Meaning, Definition, and Main Characteristics,
Sociology of Knowledge. Functionalist Perspective :Parsons, Merton, Coser.
Neo-Functionalism :Jaffrey Alexander, Paul Colomy. Dialectical Perspective :
Karl Marx, Dahrendorf. Functionalist and Dialectical Perspective : A Synthetic

Critical School of Sociology :George Lukacs, Max Horkheimer, Theodor
Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Jurgen Habermas. Symbolic Interactionalist :
Perspective : Herbert Mead, Herbert Blumer, Kuhn, Manford, Dramaturgical
Preespective: Ereving Goffman

Perspective :George Homans, Peter Blau. Structural Perspective : Levi
Strauss,Saussure, Giddens. Deconstruction : Jacques Derrida

Hermeneutics. Existentialist Perspective : Jean-Paul Sartre, Hiedegger. Neo
Marxtst Perspective : Habermas, Althusser

Social Change : Meaning, Concept, Major Characteritics, Forms, Direction and Major Factors. Social Change and Social Development,Diffrence and
relationship between Evolution, Progress and Transformation, Major Factors of Social Change.

Main Theories of Social Change, Impact of Social Change on Indian Society,
Impact of Science and Technology, Impact of Democratic Politics, Impact of
Social Movements (Special Reference to Subaltern and Feminist Movements), Impact of Economic Development

Social Development : Meaning, Concept and Main Characteritics. Concept of
Developed and Developing Societies. Main Causes of Development.
Development and Ecology, Sustainable Development. Development and Semi
Development, Theory of Core-Periphery, Theory of World System.

Main Path of Development : Capitalistics , Sociolistics and Gandhian ,
Problems of Developing Societies, Socio-Cultural Barriers in the Path of
Development, Education and Development, Development and Social Mobility,
Impact of Globalization on Indian Society : Liberalization, Privatatization and
Consumerism.Social Research : Meaning, Definition, Nature and Main Objectives.

Scienctific Method in Social Research, Inductive and Deductive Methods in Social Research, Objectivity, Hypothesis : Meaning, Sourse, Types of Social
Research, Action Research, Distinction between Social Survey and Social

Sampling : Meaning, Definition and Main Techniques. Research Design:
Meaning, Objectives, Types and Influencing Factors. Problems of Measurment in Social Research. Reliability and Validity.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods :Observation, Interview,
Schedule, Questionnaire, Case-Study, Content Analysis,

Significance of Statistics in Social Research. Frequency Distribution,
Classification and Tabulation of Data. Measures of Central tendency : Mean,
Median, Mode.Measures of Dispersion : Range, Mean Deviation,
Standard Deviation, Quartile Deviation. Correlation, Coefficient of Correlation, Correlation analysis. Test of Significance: Chi-Square test

Social Psychology : Meaning, Definition, Scope, Importance. Motivation and
Emotion. Attitude and Attitude Measurment : Thurstions, Bogardus, Likerts

Human Learning : Meaning, Definition, Theories of Learning. Relation
between Learning and Society. Socialisation : Meaning, Definitions, Process,
Theories.Personality and Culture : Meaning, Definition and Relation between
Personality and Culture

Means of Communication : Public Opinion, Propaganda, Rumour, Crowd and
Audience. Leadership : Meaning, Types and Theory. Fashion : Meaning and
Psychology of Fashion

Socialgical Theory : Concept, Characteristics, Difference Between
Sociological Theory and Perspective, Methodological Perspectives on Theory Building : Idealism, Postivism,Voluntarism, Structural-Functionalism, Action Approach, Middle Range Theory, Little Theory- Form and Interelationship, Facts, Concepts, Theory and their Relation with Research.

Main Sociological Theories – Tolcott Parsons : Social Action, Social System;
R.K.Merton : Reference Group Theory, Deviance Pattern and Normlessness;
P.Sorokin : Socio-Cultural Dynamics; Karl Mannheim : Ideology and Utopia;
J.Habbermas : Communicative Action, Crisis of validity, Modernization-An
Incomplete Project.

Modernization, Post-Modernization : Michael Foucault, Post-structuralism :
Jaeques Derrida, Coming Crisis of Sociology, Discoursive Sociology,
Globalization : Concept, Theory and its Concequences. Lyotard : End of
Matanarrative; Anthony Giddens : Structuration.

Rural Society in India
Urban Society in India
Social Demography
Sociology of Administration
Sociology of Culture
Comperative Sociology
Criminology and Penalogy
Political Sociology
Globalization and Society
Education and Society
Social Movement in India
Gandhian Thought and Society
Industry and Society in India
Gender and Society
Sociology of Religion
Social Anthropology

M.A. Sociology

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