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    5 Years



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Indore (Madhya Pradesh)
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Devi Ahilya University Takshashila Campus, Khandwa R, 452001

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Course programme

M-Tech ( 5 1/2-years ) is the only Programme of its kind in India.IIPS started this course in the year 2002.The students undergo rigorous training, which moulds them into highly competent and focused professionals. In a period of five and a half years a student studies a total of 57 subjects. The course structure is designed keeping in mind the overall development of the student.

The students have to maintain a high standard of academic performance throughout the course. The classroom learning is complemented by practical experiences in the industry. The course includes compulsory project development at graduation level. A project is also included in the curriculum for the post graduate degree to supplement detailed studies in advanced topics such as Simulation and Modeling, Advanced Database Management and Information Technology Project Management


Semester I -

IT-101 Mathematics-I
IT-102 Statistics-I
IT-103 Physics-I
IT-104 PC Software
IT-105 C Programming
IT-106 Foundation-English

Semester II -

IT-201 Mathematics-II
IT-202 Statistical Methods-II
IT-203 Physics-II
IT-204 Basic Electronics
IT-205 Data Structures
IT-206 C++

Semester III -

IT-301 Mathematics-III
IT-302 Internet Tools
IT-303 Business Data Processing
IT-304 Digital Electronics
IT-305 Database Mgmt. System
IT-306 CAD / Engineering Drawing

Semester IV

IT-401 Accounting & Financial Management-I
IT-402 Linear Algebra
IT-403 Digital Computer Org.
IT-405 Object Oriented Programming
IT-406 Database Programming

Semester V -

IT-501 Accounting & Financial Management-II
IT-502 Microprocessor and Assembly Language
IT-503 Computer Graphics
IT-504 Numerical Analysis and Design
IT-505 System Programming IT-506 Java

Semester VI -

IT-601 Principle & Practices of Management
IT-602 Digital Computer Communication
IT-603 Advance Java
IT-604 Software Analysis and Design
IT-605 Analog Electronics.

Semester VII -

IT-701 Computer Architecture
IT-702 Linear Systems
IT-703 Discrete Structure
IT-704 Software Engineering
IT-705 Operating Systems

Semester VIII -

IT-801 Advance Computer Networks
IT-802 Analysis & Design of Algorithm
IT-804 Mobile Computing
IT-805 Control Systems

Semester IX -

IT-901 Theory of Computation
IT-902 S/W Engineering
IT-903 Advance Java
IT-904 Managerial Economics

Minor Project

Semester X -

IC-1001 Simulation and Modeling
IC-1002 Artificial Intelligence
IC-1003 Compiler Design
IC-1004 Parallel Processing
IC-1005 Enterprize Computing Techniques

Sesmeter XI -

IT-1001 Simulation and Modeling
IT-1002 Artificial Intelligence
IT-1003 Compiler Design
IT-1004 Parallel Processing
IT-1005 Enterprize Computing Techniques

Sesmeter X -

Industrial Training


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