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Buxar owns its importance as a historical place almost exclusively to its colossal Vishvamitra Ashram, which still stands majestically. The traditional account of the holi antiquity as an important center of Vishnu and Siva worship embedded in Balmiki’s Ramayan and Ramcharit Manas and Some of the purans has been described. this town known as Siddhashram witnessed a remarkable outburst of intellectual activities during the time of Vishvamitra in Vedic period.

The new spirit of the modern age was remarkably illustrated by the life and thought of Sri KhakhiBaba; The saketbasi, and Sri Mauni Baba; Janakpurbasi. Undoubtedly KhakhiBaba was a great social reformer, a great religious teacher and a tower of philosophical wisdom in this area. He himself worked for reform in educational field. he was deeply religious but not ethologically inclined. He laid great emphasis on modern education including co-education. For the purpose he laid the foundation of M. V. College, Buxar on 11th June, 1957.

The honourable Raja of Dumaron state had deep love and affection with KhakiBaba. He donated ten bighas land on the bank of Ganga for the college along with the Raja of Dumaraon other devoted disciple of Khaki Baba gave monetary help for the construction of the building of the college. Sri Basistha narayan Mishra, the elder son of Khaki Baba devoted his entire life for the constituent unit under Magadh University in the year 1975.

The college has been designed skillfully. the class room ar

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