MA History


In Kottayam District

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    Kottayam district

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    3 Years



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Kottayam District (Kerala)
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Changanassery, 686102

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Course programme

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Paper 1 Approach to History
2 Transitions from pre state to states societiy in History of India
3 Social formulation in Kerala by the end of the Perumal Ruling
4 Revenue administration in India (A.D 1000 to1800)
5 History of Social Revolution in the World

6 Past of Social Institution & Structure of early India
7 Social Formation of Kerala (A.D. 1200 to 1800)
8 Agriculture - craft productions & exchanges in India (AD 1000 to 1800)
9 Perspective of Women History & History of Genders in India
10 Makings of the india Nation Historical Antecedent

11 History & Social Theories
12 History of Revolution & Protests Movement in colonial Kerala
13 State & Society in India (1000to1800 A.D)
14 Method & Technique of Researchs
15 education system in Premodern India

16 old civilization of Western Asia
17 History of Democratic movement and Institution in Britain
18 Rising of Modern Japan
119 Diplomatic History of U.S.A
20 Present India - Society & Economy
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MA History

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